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Transitions can be tricky.

Did you know that cloud-based environments are at high risk of compromise? New research has revealed a significant spike in attacks aimed directly at cloud infrastructure.

Before jumping to conclusions about the safety of cloud systems, we must explore the root cause of this substantial vulnerability. The risk factors come into play when organizations attempt to transition over from legacy operations without proper planning. Overlooking important details and “Frankensteining” the old with the new only leaves behind inconsistencies that a hacker can easily exploit.

Exploitation can lead to indeterminate downtime, data leaks, and loss. This can leave businesses bankrupt. Actively avoiding breaches should be on every organization’s do-to list!

How do you transition from legacy infrastructure to the cloud successfully? Can you leverage a legacy setup while implementing cloud applications without jeopardizing safety? These are possibilities, but only with appropriate preparation. Otherwise, you may find yourself leapfrogging over many crucial considerations.

Make sure you work with a knowledgeable Service Provider

Working with a trusted provider is the best way to acquire a solid system that meets your business’s needs. Experts like Canadian Cloud Backup can build a workable, reliable and safe infrastructure. This is the only failsafe, chance-free approach to partial and complete cloud adoption.

The cloud can elevate productivity, connectedness, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness – but only if it’s secure. Contact a trusted provider like CCB to safely transform your work environment. We can get you started with an infrastructure that simply makes sense for your distinctive needs.

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