White Label

Managed Services

For Managed Services Providers
Eliminate confusion and encourage top of mind awareness and brand recognition. Canadian Cloud Backup Managed Services software is completely branded with your company’s logo and information. Your logos, your contact information – nothing ever points back to us.

Benefits & Features

Centralized Management
Manage all your users from one web-based management portal. Create and set user access for multiple employees, create and manage groups and set organizational backup policies.
White Label Control Panel
From the web portal you can create and run jobs, Run restores, View detailed logs and reports, Set backup policies, Restart backup services
Use existing Ticketing Systems
Automatically send warnings from the host to a predefined email address that integrates with most ticketing and MSP management systems.
Create a Recurring Revenue Stream
Resell offsite, local, and disaster recovery backups and monitoring and the value you see fit. Our prices are low enough to allow for substantial monthly gains. You know your clients better than anyone else.
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