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Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise enables businesses to act as a disaster recovery (DR) service provider to deliver off-site backup and replication services to internal customers. This eliminates complexity by removing the need to maintain a VPN connection and it improves security by encapsulating all backup and management traffic into a single port.

It creates the ability to send Veeam backups and replicas from multiple locations to a primary data center — or archive these backups directly to a public cloud while providing the flexibility and control to choose the enterprise backup and recovery strategy that best meets your needs.

Maintaining Data Sovereignty

Many enterprises are subject to regulatory compliance and corporate governance requirements that restrict them from giving control to a third-party service provider. These organizations are looking to centrally manage and maintain complete control of their data, regardless of its physical location.

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise delivers a cost-effective, highly flexible cloud approach for enterprise customers to maintain full control and data sovereignty over their entire enterprise backup infrastructure — whether they decide to store their remote office or workstation backups at the HQ data center or up in the public cloud. In addition, with end-to-end encryption at source, in-flight and at rest, customers always know their data is secure and within their control.

Backup to a Primary Data Center or Private Cloud

Enterprise businesses with multiple locations and a distributed workforce need a way to centrally manage and store the data that resides within each office or workstation.

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise enables a single IT function to centrally manage backup and replication services for distributed enterprises, remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments and mobile users — maintaining complete control over an organization’s data.

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise provides an efficient way to:

  • Copy backups or create replicas of virtual, physical and cloud servers from multiple locations to a primary data center
  • Securely and seamlessly backup workstations that belong to mobile users to a primary data center or public cloud
  • Archive VM, server and workstation backups directly to the public cloud
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    The account will be created with 100GB of storage and you as partners signing up will be able to brand the account to their business after signing up. Size constraints and pricing can be determined before the end of the trial.

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Backup and Protect Enterprise Employee Workstations

Enterprises with a workforce consisting of mobile users across the country, or even across the globe, need to be able to protect and centralize their organization’s data wherever a user is located.

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise helps maintain complete control over an organization’s data by enabling the backup of employee workstations. These workstations can be backed up securely and seamlessly to either a primary data center or the public cloud.

Get Your Enterprise Backups Off-Site to Microsoft Azure

With Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise, it’s easy to get your backups off-site to the Microsoft Azure public cloud. Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Microsoft Azure customers can instantly provision enterprise cloud backup repositories and automatically move on-premises Veeam powered backup archives to Azure. This powerful combination of Microsoft and Veeam provides enterprise customers with cost-effective Azure storage plus the granular file-level recovery capabilities of Veeam.

  • Easily deploy Veeam-powered backups to Azure. With a single server and in just 30 minutes, you can provision a trial version of Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • Quickly copy off-site backups to Azure. Veeam’s modern backup architecture makes it easy to transfer enterprise backups to Azure with forever-forward, incremental backups, as well as (grandfather-father-son) retention policies and built-in job copy functions.
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