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How Human Habits Weaken Defense

Security is the most pressing concern related to cloud services. Just the name – “the cloud” – can sometimes evoke apprehensions about vulnerability. When companies send their valuable information to this relativity new entity, they want to ensure that it will remain safe.

Despite some unease, the cloud has continually proven its strength as one of the safest technological innovations to date. In fact, one of the most common causes of cloud data compromise has little to do with the nature of the technology and everything to do with organizational habits.

Work environments are unknowingly guilty of maintaining poor security postures that put them at risk of data loss. What’s worse – these incidents can take a long time to detect. Businesses can be ruined before even knowing that something is wrong.

Leading cause of breaches: Lack of Diligence

The latest research reveals that the misuse of employee credentials and access controls is the leading cause of system breaches. Credentials are the sought-after golden tickets of the modern age. Once a criminal bypasses this barrier, they have access to tons of important information.

The most common cause of breach comes down to a lack of diligence. Employees are going about their workdays with little concern for the major threats they may face if they are not security-minded. There may be the odd case of an ex-employee seeking revenge by hacking into the system, but often things are simpler than they appear.

How can I fix these issues moving forward?

Not fully confident in your company’s current security posture? You can stay safe with the help of a trusted provider!

A great provider is complimented by the powerful tools they employ. At Canadian Cloud Backup, we trust Veeam a backup and replication software that can play a key role in securing the entirety of your cloud infrastructure. With real-time monitoring, Veeam allows you to spot vulnerabilities before they turn into big problems.

A provider like CCB can give you strategies to help keep credentials in the right hands at all times. We can work with you to develop a policy that assists employees in understanding the risks of misuse and positive habits to start. It is never too late to get serious about security. Contact Us today to learn more.

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