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    Terms and Conditions:

    This pre-authorized payment plan (PAP) is for the convenience of the customer. The customer certifies that the information provided is correct and the customer's bank account is in good standing with sufficient funds to cover pre-authorized payments as they come due. This pre-authorized payment plan and that the can be terminated at any time by the customer upon written notice or by CanadianCloudBackup with or without notification. Upon Termination, any amount that is due shall be paid directly to CanadianCloudBackup. Cancellation of pre-authorized payment does not constitute cancellation of service by CanadianCloudBackup and the customer shall be liable for any past, present or future amounts owing. Claims for reimbursement of any unauthorized debit must be made in writing within 90 days following the date of the relevant debit. Delivery of this authorization to CanadianCloudBackup constitutes delivery to the financial institution noted. CanadianCloudBackup is authorized to disclose the information contained in the authorization to any financial institution necessary to complete the relevant transaction.
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