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OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive: What’s the difference?

OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive are three of the most prevalent file syncing services to date. Simply put, file syncing services allow you to store, share and synchronize files. All three of these services perform these tasks, so it shouldn’t matter which one you choose for your business, right?


5 reasons SharePoint keeps your data safe

When you think of your most valuable worldly possessions, where would you feel the most comfortable having them stored? In a lock box? In a bank safe? Your company’s sensitive data requires the same level of security and care. Businesses of all sizes look to SharePoint to protect their most important digital information.


Is Cloud Backup Right for You?

How exactly you manage your data and keep it safe is a big decision for businesses. You understand the important of data protection in case of a disaster, but is cloud backup your best option? Let’s explore what needs to be considered when choosing cloud backup.


3 Reasons You Should Regularly Backup Your Data

When a device sends you those little reminders to backup your data, it can often be seen as an annoyance. But backing up your data should be taken seriously, as it could drastically impact the success of your business. Think of it as not a matter of if your data could be lost, but when. Here are three reasons why

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Learning About Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is an Internet based computing model that allows shared processing of data among different users and devices. It basically provides great storage solutions with third party data centers that rely on sharing of resources over a single network.  


Understanding Differences in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has different layered elements that start from storage and include the infrastructure, application, and network layers. In order to comprehend how the whole paradigm works, we need to first understand the different models to see whether the cloud was outsourced, made internally, or was a combination of both.


Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP)

Applications have gained ground in the technological world over the last decade. There are very few businesses that are running without the use of applications, so as to fulfill the needs of application development, platforms like CAMP are helping businesses to develop, deploy, and use their applications in a smart way. CAMP was developed primarily by the Oracle Corporation with

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The Cloud Confusion: Proprietary and Open Source Cloud

As it turns out, public or private is not the only cloud-related confusion boggling consumers’ minds. The cloud computing landscape has expanded exponentially over the years and there are more choices than there ever were. One of the biggest debates you will come across is the comparison between proprietary and open-source cloud. In actuality, proprietary and open-source are two different

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The Battle of Public Versus Private Clouds

It was said that ‘the cloud is the future’, but it was never really specified which cloud, exactly. As IT experts, we understand that cloud computing can be a complicated subject and vague statements simply don’t help consumers in making the right decision. Once you have decided to shift to cloud, that is just the beginning of it all. Ahead

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5 Reasons to Use Virtualization in Your Business

Virtualization is a broad and often misunderstood term, not just in business but in the IT circle itself. Since many businesses struggle to understand what it can offer, it can be difficult to understand the benefits. However, if understood and implemented properly, it can offer an array of benefits, even to small and midsized businesses. In order to abate this

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