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1. Introduction.

Canadian Cloud Backup, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy and data of its customers. We recognize the importance of appropriate policies and procedures to protect customer data and the privacy of our website users. We have therefore created this statement to describe Canadian Cloud Backup’s privacy practices and procedures relating to the use of its website and the customer data it receives, process, maintains, or transmits in connection with the backup, archiving, and failover services it provides.

  1. By “customer data,” we are referring to information and data we receive, process, maintain, or transmit on behalf of a customer when delivering Canadian Cloud Backup’s services to a customer or other information and data customers otherwise provide to Canadian Cloud Backup. For instance, customer data includes data customers upload to our services for backup, archival, or failover purposes. It also includes personal information about customer representatives. Finally, “customer data” includes metadata and other system data generated by our systems in connection with the delivery of Canadian Cloud Backup’s services.
  2. “Website user personal information,” or “personal information” for short, refers to information we collect in connection with our website or your communications with us.
  3. This statement summarizes the types of data and personal information we collect, how we process them, the circumstances in which we will disclose them, how we safeguard them, gaining access to them, updating or correcting them, and resolving disputes relating to Canadian Cloud Backup’s privacy practices concerning them.

2. Types of Data and Information Canadian Cloud Backup Collects.

  1. Canadian Cloud Backup provides its customers with data backup, archiving, and failover solutions with offerings that include hardware, software, and cloud-hosted functionality. Its applications help customers to manage disaster recovery and business continuity functions while increasing the efficiency of data storage via de-duplication of data.
  2. In general, Canadian Cloud Backup collects two categories of customer data. First, Canadian Cloud Backup collects data processed by its hardware and applications for backup, archival, or failover purposes. If the customer is using Canadian Cloud Backup’s cloud, Canadian Cloud Backup also hosts this customer data. Second, Canadian Cloud Backup collects customer data relating to customer accounts and their management. For instance, Canadian Cloud Backup collects personal information about representatives and contacts at its customer organizations, including their contact information (name, address, telephone numbers, and email addresses), job title, and name of employer. Canadian Cloud Backup also collects payment card information for processing payments for Canadian Cloud Backup’s products and services.
  3. Canadian Cloud Backup also generates customer data in the form of metadata and system data in connection with the delivery of its services.
  4. We collect information from users of our website via web forms and other communications as described in Section 5 below.

3. Canadian Cloud Backup’s Role as a Data Processor.

  1. If and when customers upload customer data containing personally identifiable information to Canadian Cloud Backup’s services, it is the customers that are data controllers with respect to such personally identifiable information. That is, the customer has the direct contact with the individuals whose personally identifiable information was uploaded to the applicable service. Customers are the ones who would collect the personally identifiable information from their customers, personnel, patients, or other data subjects. Canadian Cloud Backup has no such contact with these individuals.
  2. We may process any personally identifiable information, among other data, when customers use the services for backup, archiving, and failover purposes. When performing its services, Canadian Cloud Backup processes data strictly in accordance with the actions or instructions of the applicable customer.
  3. As a data processor, with certain exceptions, Canadian Cloud Backup has an obligation under its agreement with the customer not to disclose or otherwise transfer data to a third party except to provide the service or the customer has instructed us to disclose or transfer the data. Except as noted below, Canadian Cloud Backup processes any personally identifiable information and other customer data solely for the purpose of delivering services to customers. Canadian Cloud Backup may use third party data processors to assist it in delivering the service to its customers

4. How Canadian Cloud Backup Collects Customer Data and Personal Information.

  1. Data Collected by Canadian Cloud Backup’s Solutions. We receive customer data from customers’ systems when they use our services for backup, archiving, and failover purposes or otherwise transmit customer data to us.
  2. Account-Related Information. We receive account-related contact information from customer representatives and contacts when they provide it to us. Customer representatives may provide Canadian Cloud Backup with payment card information in order to pay for our services. We may also obtain biographical information about representatives and contacts through our review of information they post to the Internet. We may obtain additional information about our customer representatives from public sources and third-party databases.
  3. Personal Information Sent via Our Website and Email. We will collect the personal information of website visitors who complete web forms to communicate with us to submit a support ticket or use the chat function to communicate with a support representative. When a customer submits a ticket or chats with a support representative, we collect information such as name, contact information (email and phone), account user name, and comments. If you send us email, we will collect whatever personal information you include in your email. If a communication prompts follow-up communications, we may collect additional information that you provide to us.
  4. Cookies. Your browser has settings by which you can choose how it manages cookies. For instance, you may decide not to accept cookies or to receive notifications about cookies allowing you to choose whether or not to accept it. If you decide not to accept cookies, however, some of the websites’ features or functions may not be available to you.
  5. Website Data. We also review information logged by our web servers to understand our website visitors better. It is very common for websites to collect these kinds of logs. For example, we collect information such as your Internet Protocol address, your location, domain name, the type of web browser and operating system you are using, the pages on our websites that you view, when you visit, and how long you view each page visited.
  6. Data-Appending Methods. We may add to the information we receive from customer representatives and website users by information they provide to us at other occasions and using other means. Examples include information they provide to us at educational programs, trade shows, or meetings, as well as information gathered using other data-appending methods. We may also review and collect biographical information about representatives and users that they post to the Internet.
    Metadata and Other System Data. Our systems generate certain metadata and other system data concerning customers’ account, such as logs showing when files are transmitted to our services and when they are recovered from our services.

5. Use of Customer Data and Personal Information.

  1. Data Collected by Canadian Cloud Backup’s Solutions. We process customer data collected by our solutions for the purpose of delivering backup, archiving, and fail-over services and functionality to our customers. Our systems process customer data to perform these functions based on the actions and instructions of our customers.
  2. Account-Related Information. We use account-related information in order to market our services, establish relationships, set up our services for customers’ use, deliver the services, obtain payment for the services, provide customer and technical support for the services, and otherwise communicate with customers.
  3. Personal Information from Website Visitors. We will use personal information collected as described in Section 4(c)-(f) above solely with the objective of fulfilling those purposes specified above, unless we obtain your consent. In specific, we may use your personal information to communicate with you. Our communications may relate to Canadian Cloud Backup’s products and services or, in the case of job candidates, possible employment opportunities at Canadian Cloud Backup.
  4. General Use of Customer Data and Personal Information. Canadian Cloud Backup uses customer data and personal information for the following general purposes:
    1. identification;
    2. establishment and maintenance of our relationship with you;
    3. to provide you with ongoing news, publications and information, to respond to your requests and inquiries, to fulfill your requests to register for services, use our products and services, request publications or other information from us, sign up for newsletters, and obtain or provide user access credentials;
    4. marketing purposes, such as your activity, browsing, and usage information concerning our websites and/or your demographic information that you may have voluntarily provided to us, in order to better tailor our marketing activities and to implement and maintain loyalty programs;
    5. providing information to third-party administrators or other providers necessary to optimize our services and operation of our website;
    6. maintaining business records for reasonable periods, and generally managing and administering our business;
    7. meeting legal, regulatory, insurance, security, and processing requirements and court or administrative orders; and
    8. otherwise with consent or as permitted or required by law. We may keep any and all of your personal information on hand for as long as permitted by law for any and all of the purposes described in this Section.
  5. Metadata and Other System Data. Canadian Cloud Backup uses metadata and other systems data to manage its services and deliver its services to customers.

6. Disclosure or Transfer of Customer Data or Personal Information.

  1. Customer data and personal information may be disclosed to: (i) our employees, agents, representatives, advisers, affiliates, and independent contractors, in connection with their performance of services for or on behalf of our customers; and (ii) service providers who help us with our business operations, sales and marketing, information technology, or professional services.
  2. We do not sell or rent customer data or personal information to anyone. Nonetheless, we may sell, transfer, or otherwise share some or all of Canadian Cloud Backup’s assets in connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets of our business, or in the event of bankruptcy. These assets may include customer data or personal information collected by Canadian Cloud Backup as described above.
  3. Also, we may disclose customer data or personal information when required by a subpoena, court order, search warrant, other legal process, requests by law enforcement agencies, or applicable law. Moreover, we may disclose customer data or personal information to the extent necessary to maintain the security of our websites, products, or services; resolve disputes; or investigate possible misconduct.

7. How Canadian Cloud Backup Safeguards Customer Data and Personal Information.

  1. We will take reasonable measures to ensure that your customer data and personal information collected, used, disclosed, or otherwise processed for us or on our behalf is protected and not used or disclosed for purposes other than as directed by Canadian Cloud Backup, subject to legal requirements in foreign jurisdictions applicable to those organizations.
  2. Canadian Cloud Backup is committed to protecting customer data and personal information and preventing unauthorized disclosure, use, modification, or access of or to customer data and personal information. In specific, Canadian Cloud Backup is committed to maintain reasonable and appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to:
    1. Provide assurances of the integrity and confidentiality of customer data and personal information.
    2. Protect customer data and personal information against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of customer data or personal information, and unauthorized uses or disclosures of them, and
    3. Maintain compliance with the legal framework of requirements for the privacy and security of customer data and personal information.

8. Accessing Customer Data and Making Changes.

  1. Customer Data. Canadian Cloud Backup’s services provide functionality to access and update customer data uploaded by customers. Using our services, customers can view, update, append, and correct customer data uploaded to our services or their own public or private cloud solutions. Customers requiring assistance accessing and changing such customer data via the services can contact technical support for assistance by chatting with a support representative or completing a support ticket on our website at:
  2. Personal Information or Account-Related Information. If you would like to access personal information customer data we may have to support your account, please contact us at or by phone at one of our phone numbers: 1-613-877-4423 or Toll Free 1-866-389-2818.

9. Contact Information and Resolving Disputes.

If you would like to discuss this privacy statement or provide us with feedback, questions, or concerns about our privacy practices regarding customer data or personal information, please contact us at You may also contact us by writing to:

Canadian Cloud Backup
2 Gore St
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
K7L 2L1
Attn: Privacy

If you have a complaint about our privacy practices, you may submit a complaint to us at the above contact information. Our privacy team will look into your complaint and provide a response. You will need to provide sufficient information for us to evaluate your complaint and we may ask you to provide additional information as a condition of evaluating your complaint.

Updated March 30, 2017

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