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The Best Technological Innovations of 2014

The recent rise in technological developments has everyone’s attention, but a select few of these technological advances are true milestones. Let’s review some of the breakthrough developments of 2014 that truly highlight technological evolution of the near future.


The Era of 3D Printing

The additive manufacturing process of 3D printing – in which parts are built layer by layer, from bottom to top – has developed substantially since it first came to the market in the 1980s. With the technological advances we have witnessed in the past few decades, machines that used to occupy entire rooms can now fit easily on your desktop.


Future of Cloud Computing

The cloud computing trend is still in its early stages, booming rapidly. Right now, there is plenty of talk in the town about the endless possibilities of cloud computing, particularly as more and more options are being made available to the public. As with any upcoming technology or trend, there is a lot of exaggerated information flying around when it

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