The cloud computing trend is still in its early stages, booming rapidly. Right now, there is plenty of talk in the town about the endless possibilities of cloud computing, particularly as more and more options are being made available to the public. As with any upcoming technology or trend, there is a lot of exaggerated information flying around when it comes to the future of cloud computing, making it harder for one to distinguish myth from fact.

Extrapolating from the progress we have made to date, here’s what we can expect in the future:

1. Boost in Market Growth for Cloud

According to the researches and surveys carried out by Gartner, the use of cloud is picking up pace at a staggering rate throughout the world. They believe that the adoption of cloud computing will increase up to around $250 billion by the year 2017. It was observed that by the end of 2013, the commercial usage of cloud by enterprises increased significantly for the development, marketing and selling of products, management of supply chains, etc.

2. Availability of More Applications on the Cloud

Based on the Global Technology Outlook’s predictions that by the year 2016, all applications will probably be made available on the cloud, making it easier for users, we can say that the adoption of cloud might increase. It was calculated that around 56 percent of enterprises consider cloud to be a strategic differentiator, and the expenditure on cloud services of about 58 percent exceeds 10 percent of their yearly budget.

3. Increase in Hybrid Cloud Adoption

It is also being said that as time passes, there will be a huge increment in hybrid cloud adoption. Gartner also predicted that by the year 2017, 50 percent of enterprises will have hybrid clouds. This prediction might come true as we are observing that an increasing number of enterprises are adopting cloud these days because hybrid cloud is the perfect fusion of both on and off premises solutions, allowing companies to survive in today’s complex IT-intensive environment.

4. Cloud Development

Cloud is definitely not going to stay the way it is right now; it will experience a lot more progress and development. In today’s world, we have about 18 million software developers, 25 percent of which are developing software for the cloud. If adoption rates continue to increase at this pace, it is believed that there will be an evolutionary change in cloud development as well.

5. Advancement and Innovation

After a seller launches something novel, the speed of its advancement slows down as the demand increases, additionally increasing competition among service providers. As cloud adoption increases, so will its advancement and innovation, which might possibly open new doors of innovation and growth for this trend for enterprises as time goes by.

6. Cheaper Clouds

As the competition increases, chances are that cheaper options will be introduced in the market as well, which will definitely be beneficial for consumers.

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