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Multimedia Cloud Computing – A boon or a bane?

Due to the rapid evolution of cyberspace, the question of a better data storage platform has been nullified. The enormous capacity of data storage within cyberspace is enough to record unlimited amounts of information. About 55 million tweets are being sent in just a day, which includes web links and picture content; and over 30 million content types – such

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Cloud Computing and How it Works

Over the past few decades, the saving and sharing of files has undergone a drastic evolution. The devices today that are used for sharing have become more mobile, smaller, and have much higher capacities compared to their predecessors. Now, there is no need for you to save all your data in a single place because you can access those files

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Future of Cloud Computing

The cloud computing trend is still in its early stages, booming rapidly. Right now, there is plenty of talk in the town about the endless possibilities of cloud computing, particularly as more and more options are being made available to the public. As with any upcoming technology or trend, there is a lot of exaggerated information flying around when it

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Benefits of Virtualization

In technological terms, virtualization basically means to produce a virtual edition of a device or resource; for instance a server, a storage device, a network or even an operating system. The implementation of data center virtualization is booming, as it comes with a lot of benefits. If you are also considering migrating to a data host center, or are in

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