The Benefits of a Centralized Data Management System

Why Should You Have a Centralized Data Management System?

A centralized data management system incorporates all the procedures and processes that your company uses on a day to day bases. It allows you to safely capture, store, secure, and retrieve your information on a single system, while having complete access across the company.  Having the peace of mind of data security, you can combine all of your processes with your digital files. Within this article we will examine several benefits to switching over to a centralized management system.

Benefit #1:  Data Integrity

One of the key benefits of centralized management is data integrity. Within your system, there should not be more than one copy of a file in your database. Adding repeated databases and files to your system compromises your security protocol. When you have one centralized management system, your files are always up-to-date and accessible to your company, allowing anyone to update things like client information or documents that are vital to your company.


Benefit #2:  Saves Time and Money

One of the main reasons why companies switch over to centralized management systems is the desire to save money and increase efficiency while decreasing down time. When you are using multiple systems, your employees are wasting valuable time searching and storing information in different locations.  When you start to incorporate a centralized management system you are adding a layer of efficiency.  One site, one sound philosophy, accessible to everyone.


Benefit #3:  Adaptable and Dynamic

Another benefit of a centralized system is that it makes every business process more adaptable and dynamic.  On boarding of new associates, training, report measuring, introducing new programs and processes – these can be adopted or changed quickly, based on the needs of your particular business.  A centralized management system allows your company to evolve adjacent to the fast-paced world we live in.


Benefit #4:  Security

The main goal of a centralized management system is optimizing security. You and your employees are able to manage, track and update over a trusted and secured system. Like cloud based back-ups, your system is protected by encryption and also allows offsite recovery and access.  This is very important in the case of natural disasters and emergencies, mechanical failure, and the growing threat of cyber and ransomware attacks.  Secured in a centralized management system is vital company information.

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