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The Cloud Confusion: Proprietary and Open Source Cloud

As it turns out, public or private is not the only cloud-related confusion boggling consumers’ minds. The cloud computing landscape has expanded exponentially over the years and there are more choices than there ever were. One of the biggest debates you will come across is the comparison between proprietary and open-source cloud. In actuality, proprietary and open-source are two different

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The Best Tech Blogs Online

Online blogs were originally a kind of journal that would be full of mundane personal updates and logs, but now they have been morphed into a very powerful method of communicating relevant information. What was once shunned by the mainstream has become just that. There are a number of blogs on a variety of subjects picked up from the tech

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Definitive Social Media Trends of 2015

Delving further into the topic of last week’s post, we are continuing on the discussion of brand presence through online marketing, particularly through social media. In the last year, online media managed to achieve some significant high-profile marketing breakthroughs with outstanding results, with the social wildfire experienced in the #IceBucketChallenge, or the #BringBackOurGirlsCampaign. Social media networks reaped great outcomes from

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Designing Better Technologies in 2015

When you examine the structure of the digital age today, the future in technology appears to be very bright and full of brand new possibilities. 2014 witnessed things taking a swift turn, and right after we stepped into 2015, we saw a mass exodus of the online world to mobile. The state of technology is changing, and the speed at

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Consciousness and Technology: What the Future Holds

As our awareness goes through its own evolution, we can discover the greater hidden aspects of our identities. While consciousness functions on multiple levels: the dream state, the ever-observer mind, sub-consciousness, waking consciousness, and spiritual and meditative states; it remains dynamic and evolving throughout a person’s life. The technological advances this world has been able to take are a reflection

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Gadgets that took 2014 by Storm

Last year had a lot of gadget and app releases and was had been overall a whirlwind of impressive devices and game-changing technological innovations. The technology industry has rarely seen such a massive transformation and as the world becomes more mobile, great gadgets will keep being introduced into our lives. So what were the releases that actually defined the robust

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The Age of Smart Machines

There is general optimism that smart machines will deliver more growth than damages to their relative industries so long as corporations exercise intensive care in how these smart devices are introduced. Creating a form of artificial intelligence will be the most significant transformation in human history, but it might also be the last technological advancement of the human race. We

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The Best Technological Innovations of 2014

The recent rise in technological developments has everyone’s attention, but a select few of these technological advances are true milestones. Let’s review some of the breakthrough developments of 2014 that truly highlight technological evolution of the near future.