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Cyber Security 2015: Are We Safe Yet?

2014 experienced a rambunctious side of cyber security that no one expected, during which we witnessed giants like eBay and Sony fall victim to hacks just as easily as a simple start-up company would. Staples and Home Depot are other examples of larger business franchises that suffered major cyber attacks and immense data loss. A wide range of big retail

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Insider Threats and Their Effects

As technology develops, the number of monitoring and logging tools available for the protection of your data has also increased. With so many tools at your disposal, detecting any illicit insider activity on your network should be easy enough to identify and deal with, yet it isn’t. There has been a marked rise in malicious insider attacks because of insiders

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Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Things to Remember

Young entrepreneurs sometimes tend to forget about the purpose of their ventures, and distractions tend to drag them away from the big picture. When you’re on your entrepreneurial journey, there are a few principles you can abide by to stay on track and get everything done without being sidetracked.