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The Battle of Public Versus Private Clouds

It was said that ‘the cloud is the future’, but it was never really specified which cloud, exactly. As IT experts, we understand that cloud computing can be a complicated subject and vague statements simply don’t help consumers in making the right decision. Once you have decided to shift to cloud, that is just the beginning of it all. Ahead

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5 Reasons to Use Virtualization in Your Business

Virtualization is a broad and often misunderstood term, not just in business but in the IT circle itself. Since many businesses struggle to understand what it can offer, it can be difficult to understand the benefits. However, if understood and implemented properly, it can offer an array of benefits, even to small and midsized businesses. In order to abate this

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Multimedia Cloud Computing – A boon or a bane?

Due to the rapid evolution of cyberspace, the question of a better data storage platform has been nullified. The enormous capacity of data storage within cyberspace is enough to record unlimited amounts of information. About 55 million tweets are being sent in just a day, which includes web links and picture content; and over 30 million content types – such

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Consciousness and Technology: What the Future Holds

As our awareness goes through its own evolution, we can discover the greater hidden aspects of our identities. While consciousness functions on multiple levels: the dream state, the ever-observer mind, sub-consciousness, waking consciousness, and spiritual and meditative states; it remains dynamic and evolving throughout a person’s life. The technological advances this world has been able to take are a reflection

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How I.T. Consultants Can Help You Succeed

Many corporations, particularly the small ones that are privately held, face many obstacles when they try to seek external help in the form of a consultant. The CEOs and leaders might feel that this reflects poorly on their leadership or worry about the loss of control when dealing with a specific project. What actually happens is that most organizations eventually

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Cloud Computing and How it Works

Over the past few decades, the saving and sharing of files has undergone a drastic evolution. The devices today that are used for sharing have become more mobile, smaller, and have much higher capacities compared to their predecessors. Now, there is no need for you to save all your data in a single place because you can access those files

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Benefits of Virtualization

In technological terms, virtualization basically means to produce a virtual edition of a device or resource; for instance a server, a storage device, a network or even an operating system. The implementation of data center virtualization is booming, as it comes with a lot of benefits. If you are also considering migrating to a data host center, or are in

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How Can Cloud Computing Benefit Your Business?

Cloud computing offers a means for your business to administer the computing resources you have online. This term has developed over time. It is called computing because the ‘cloud’ basically refers to the internet, and computing in the ‘cloud’ depicts the method you use to hoard and access your information through the internet. Cloud computing permits a business to virtually

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