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Trending IT Topics You Need To Know About

In past decades, the information technology sector has indeed grown by leaps and bounds to become a force to be taken seriously. No longer can businesses survive or hope to thrive without keeping themselves updated and in step with the latest developments in the IT sector. It is one of the most dynamic sectors, as technology continues to evolve and

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Visualization Technology – How It Will Revolutionize Retail

With all of the rumours about technology and its latest advancements, did you know that holograms and data visualization are poised to transform the shopping experience once and for all? This trend will surely prove to be a revolutionary step, and it’s not as far off as you might be thinking.


Hybrid Cloud Computing – What 2016 Has In Store

Many experts predicted that this year there would be a major cloudburst which would act as impetus to foster the public cloud consumption. While the current industry dynamics have proven this true for hybrid clouds, the time period which was originally predicted was way off the mark. The reason is that there were more barriers for the hybrid cloud than

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