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Whether you lose your data due to a natural disaster, systematic malfunction or cybercrime, there is no way to recover it. Not without a proper backup in place. Unprotected data is vulnerable to these scenarios for both personal use and business.

The Consequences of Data Loss for Individuals

Numerous PC users experience data loss each year. Personal data loss can happen due to several reasons. It may be as simple as accidentally deleting a file or spilling a coffee on your home computer.

However the mishap arises, the results can be detrimental. You may lose important documents, reports, projects and family photos that can not be recovered.

The Consequences of Data Loss for Business

Data loss is a severe problem that affects all businesses. Human error, software failure, natural disasters, power outages, theft of equipment and computer hacking are just some of the episodes that could lead to substantial file loss.

No matter the size of the enterprise, losing important information has a significant impact on time and resources. It can greatly damage client trust. This problem worsens if the compromised data is of a highly sensitive nature.

Downtime can leave businesses drowning due to lost revenue while scrambling to repair broken consumer relationships. The cost of an incident can be anywhere from $7,000 to $700,000.

It is practical to hope for the best while having a plan in place for the worst. You can keep your computer impeccably clean, store it safely, train staff dutifully, download the best anti-virus software on the market and still run into trouble. The only way to fully ensure that your data is secure is to perform regular backups.

Backups allow you to quickly recover the files you need. The procedure is highly reliable and easy to set up. Most importantly, it provides you and your clients with continuous peace of mind that sensitive information is safeguarded against all unforeseen events.

Backing up your data is one of the most beneficial investments of time and money. Developing a backup plan today can certify that you are fully prepared to tackle tomorrow.

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