cloud benefits to educational facilities

Educational facilities are homes to huge datacentres with thousands of students and faculty accessing, communicating, and transferring data. Within the academic database there is not only academic information but also vital administrative subject matter, making accessibility and security of data important for both students and faculty. It goes without saying that the loss of important data is detrimental to an educational facility. Within this blog, we will address the three major reasons to consider switching to a cloud-based backup solution within your educational centre.

Transmission of Information

Cloud backups are the most secure and efficient way for storing information and securing data within educational facilities. Although it may be a difficult process to transition over to a cloud based backup, the peace of mind gained from securely storing irreplaceable files outweighs the difficult transition process. Having cloud solutions also means this data can be restored from anywhere at any time, regardless of local server downtime.

Cost Efficiency

There is considerable cost efficiency and savings associated with cloud backups. In the case of a disaster, and the recovery of files, hardware and systems, backups on a cloud based server can save your facility thousands of dollars. When you are able to recover your files from an outside source that is being updated constantly, the result is no downtime or data loss. When you use a cloud based backup, budgets are easier to maintain, and the stress is taken away from your IT department as you can allocate your funds to other faculties or departments that may need the support.

Peace of Mind

In contrast, not only does a cloud backup allow for more flexibility but it also offers educational facilities a safety net for data recovery in the case of a disaster or data ransom. Ensuring that your system has the proper backups in place can give you peace of mind but also creates a safe and secure network that follows Canadian Backup Compliancy. When you transfer over to a cloud backup system, you are able to set up automatic updates that remove the hassle of remembering to backup all files on a regular basis. Your files are automatically replicated, secured, and become password protected encrypted files that are then added to your cloud based backup.

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