While organizations continue to adopt the cloud, with 35% running over 50% of their workloads on Azure, AWS, and GCP, they struggle to manage the complexity of securing their infrastructure across multiple cloud platforms and a cyber-skills shortage. But the number one cause of cloud-security incidents in 2021 was misconfiguration. 


According to the 2022 Cloud Security Report from cybersecurity solutions provider Check Point Software Technologies, this is one of the key findings.


Based on a survey of 775 cyber security professionals, the global report also found that cloud security incidents were up 10% from the previous year, with misconfigurations far outpacing issues like exposed data or account compromises.


In addition to a skills shortage, 45% of companies struggle to integrate security into the DevOps cycle. Only 16% of respondents said they had comprehensive DevSecOps in place, and 37% were just getting started with DevSecOps.

Cloud vendor security

Cloud vendor security is cost-effective and easy to use. Still, an increasing number of companies are discovering that the complexity of managing three or four different security platforms argues for the use of a single, independent cloud security solution to streamline security across all cloud platforms. A majority of 54% of respondents felt that a security vendor-independent of the cloud platform provider was better suited to meet their needs. Adding to the complexity of multi-cloud security, respondents rated protecting data and protecting privacy across each environment at 57%, managing a complete solution across all cloud environments at 56%, and understanding service integrations at 50%.


Cloud security is becoming increasingly important as organizations move to the cloud, with 75% of organizations favoring a single security platform with a single dashboard where they can configure all the policies needed to secure their data. Over 80% of organizations have to configure their enterprise cloud footprint by juggling three or more different security solution dashboards.

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