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Online blogs were originally a kind of journal that would be full of mundane personal updates and logs, but now they have been morphed into a very powerful method of communicating relevant information. What was once shunned by the mainstream has become just that.

There are a number of blogs on a variety of subjects picked up from the tech world that produce updated, informative, and current content for readers from around the globe. The biggest and best of the best online Technology blogs have been listed here.


The Social Media Guide is a constantly updated and entertaining blog that produces stories on the worlds of Twitter, News, Facebook, Entertainment and almost anything else that would interest a techie. Mashable is a highly entertaining, interactive and informative blog that does not leave any technological update unexplored.


This website has been famous for quite some time now and features very relatable blogs on interesting tech-related topics. The name has become a Must Follow site for many informed readers and has an extensive variety of compelling content.


Om Malik created what is now accredited as one of the largest blogs in the world and all of it is by virtue of keeping focus on what’s new. The blog contains news and analyses of many apps and gadgets, games, social media and other entertaining articles. The company has a team of writers that seem to be obsessed with technology that produce this quality content so that the readers stay informed.


Formed in 1991, ZDNet has spent over two decades in the tech blogging business and they simply know what the readers want. The site had been purchased by CNET in 2000 and has a diligent reporting system for tech news. The blog focuses on Microsoft, Apple and Google for the most part along with product reviews, analyses on issues and software downloads in the news.


Although much younger than ZDNet, TechCrunch is just as influential. TechCrunch isn’t only good at technology updates; it is one of the best blogs for informative content online as it lands itself on the number two position, just behind the Huffington Post. TechCrunch has an entire team of writers and a whole network of blogging sites that have a clean look and produce amazing tech gossip. So far, TechCrunch has been giving all competitors a run for their money for quite a few years now.


The best blogs are usually sites that bring together and combine different blogs and ComputerWorld is one of them. ComputerWorld is one of the oldest and most respected magazines that provides updated news and gossip on the tech industry for readers all over the world. There are plenty of blogs on the site that focus on different kinds of technologies and their respective readers.

The Official Google Enterprise Blog

You don’t need to work in IT long before running into the giant of the tech industry – Google. Since the company produces and manufactures such a dense variety of tech gears and devices, this online blog is useful for understanding Google applications and staying up-to-date on any changes or news about the company.

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