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Cloud Security Threats You Need To Know About

Ease of use, unlimited storage, and access from anywhere in the world – the benefits of cloud computing are many; but as such can mean added threats. The Cloud Security Alliance has come up with a list of issues that pose a serious threat to cloud computing. Let’s have a look at each of them.


Public Cloud Security Concerns

We have already covered the public vs. private cloud debate, but you may still not have been able to arrive at a definitive verdict (the cost of being completely unbiased). However, let’s not forget how we established that each has its own offering. While private is more secure, public is more cost-effective. That said, let’s not assume that public cloud

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Cloud, BYOD, and Security

You are probably aware of the term BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), a term that clearly denotes the changing enterprise landscape. Technology, as we can see, has not only changed customer behavior but also the way employees work in and contribute to an organization. BYOD is not a trend, it is in fact a whole new way of business operation.

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A Practical & Effective Approach to Risk Management

Most experts unanimously agree that a sturdy risk management strategy can help decrease any issues related to a project up to almost 90%. The things you always need to ensure is that you have a solid and strong project management practice, a well-defined scope, the ability to incorporate input from stakeholders, the leverage following a well-designed change management process, and

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Insider Threats and Their Effects

As technology develops, the number of monitoring and logging tools available for the protection of your data has also increased. With so many tools at your disposal, detecting any illicit insider activity on your network should be easy enough to identify and deal with, yet it isn’t. There has been a marked rise in malicious insider attacks because of insiders

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How is an IT Security Risk Management Plan Beneficial for your Company?

With the constant boom in technology, IT security has become one of the most important concerns of businesses all around the world. Since the temperament of security risks changes continuously, it can be a challenging task for business owners to recognize and construct a plan that is both flexible and defensive. This is where they need IT consultancy firms to

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