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Visualization Technology – How It Will Revolutionize Retail

With all of the rumours about technology and its latest advancements, did you know that holograms and data visualization are poised to transform the shopping experience once and for all? This trend will surely prove to be a revolutionary step, and it’s not as far off as you might be thinking.


Will Cloud Services Bring an End to I.T.?

Even though the I.T. industry has sunk its claws deep into the modern business world, it too faces a threat from an emerging service. Cloud computing is rising more rapidly than any other service in the past. There are both seen and unseen threats building up the competition between cloud services and I.T. Some challenges that cloud computing has brought

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Designing Better Technologies in 2015

When you examine the structure of the digital age today, the future in technology appears to be very bright and full of brand new possibilities. 2014 witnessed things taking a swift turn, and right after we stepped into 2015, we saw a mass exodus of the online world to mobile. The state of technology is changing, and the speed at

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