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3 Reasons to Move to Office 365 Today

We all want a more enhanced experience when it comes to business software. Like any tool, we want to know that we can rely on what we work with every day. Especially when the tool in question plays a particularly vital role in keeping our information logged, protected and organized. Here are 3 reasons to consider making Microsoft Office 365

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Trending IT Topics You Need To Know About

In past decades, the information technology sector has indeed grown by leaps and bounds to become a force to be taken seriously. No longer can businesses survive or hope to thrive without keeping themselves updated and in step with the latest developments in the IT sector. It is one of the most dynamic sectors, as technology continues to evolve and

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Public Cloud Security Concerns

We have already covered the public vs. private cloud debate, but you may still not have been able to arrive at a definitive verdict (the cost of being completely unbiased). However, let’s not forget how we established that each has its own offering. While private is more secure, public is more cost-effective. That said, let’s not assume that public cloud

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5 Reasons to Use Virtualization in Your Business

Virtualization is a broad and often misunderstood term, not just in business but in the IT circle itself. Since many businesses struggle to understand what it can offer, it can be difficult to understand the benefits. However, if understood and implemented properly, it can offer an array of benefits, even to small and midsized businesses. In order to abate this

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Multimedia Cloud Computing – A boon or a bane?

Due to the rapid evolution of cyberspace, the question of a better data storage platform has been nullified. The enormous capacity of data storage within cyberspace is enough to record unlimited amounts of information. About 55 million tweets are being sent in just a day, which includes web links and picture content; and over 30 million content types – such

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A Practical & Effective Approach to Risk Management

Most experts unanimously agree that a sturdy risk management strategy can help decrease any issues related to a project up to almost 90%. The things you always need to ensure is that you have a solid and strong project management practice, a well-defined scope, the ability to incorporate input from stakeholders, the leverage following a well-designed change management process, and

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How I.T. Consultants Can Help You Succeed

Many corporations, particularly the small ones that are privately held, face many obstacles when they try to seek external help in the form of a consultant. The CEOs and leaders might feel that this reflects poorly on their leadership or worry about the loss of control when dealing with a specific project. What actually happens is that most organizations eventually

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Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur can easily be successful without being ‘the’ salesperson for the business. While this may sound a bit odd, since an entrepreneur goes into the business venture to sell something in the first place, not every entrepreneur has that background or talent. You may have absolutely no desire to become a salesperson; you may be good at one thing

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Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Things to Remember

Young entrepreneurs sometimes tend to forget about the purpose of their ventures, and distractions tend to drag them away from the big picture. When you’re on your entrepreneurial journey, there are a few principles you can abide by to stay on track and get everything done without being sidetracked.


Why Should Entrepreneurs Backup Their Data?

Data Emergencies Happen, Be Prepared If you are an entrepreneur, you should know that you cannot stay away from unforeseen emergencies, but what you can do is change the approach of how you respond to them. This can only be changed by being prepared and protected beforehand. Most entrepreneurs worry more about the expansion of their businesses rather than the

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