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The Best Tech Blogs Online

Online blogs were originally a kind of journal that would be full of mundane personal updates and logs, but now they have been morphed into a very powerful method of communicating relevant information. What was once shunned by the mainstream has become just that. There are a number of blogs on a variety of subjects picked up from the tech

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Definitive Social Media Trends of 2015

Delving further into the topic of last week’s post, we are continuing on the discussion of brand presence through online marketing, particularly through social media. In the last year, online media managed to achieve some significant high-profile marketing breakthroughs with outstanding results, with the social wildfire experienced in the #IceBucketChallenge, or the #BringBackOurGirlsCampaign. Social media networks reaped great outcomes from

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Emerging Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing is a genre of advertising which includes the recent popularity of ‘native advertising’. The success of native ads has had the marketing industry growing steadily without bounds. Content can be seen across channels like traditional media, newspapers and magazines, where brands work hard to find a content strategy and model that will fit in with the voice of

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Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur can easily be successful without being ‘the’ salesperson for the business. While this may sound a bit odd, since an entrepreneur goes into the business venture to sell something in the first place, not every entrepreneur has that background or talent. You may have absolutely no desire to become a salesperson; you may be good at one thing

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