Key questions many people ask when considering moving to Cloud Computing is: “How easy will this be for me to move from my current backup system to ‘the cloud’?”, and “How easy is it to maintain?”  The answers to these questions depend on your choice of Cloud Provider.  Canadian Cloud Backup (CCB) is designed for easy transition into Cloud Computing and maintaining your data.

CCB has designed easy-to-use, installed software to manage and automate your backup process. Moving your data from physical hard drives to your own branded cloud within the CCB network takes no more than a few clicks of your mouse.  Moreover, CCB software automates the ongoing backup process.  Once the initial setup is complete, your data will be backed up and secured on a regular basis without you having to be involved.  Of course, you will also have software that allows you to quickly and easily monitor and access your CCB based backup system.

CCB guarantees secure data backup with an installed easy-to-use software system that eliminates the complicated setup processes, automatically manages the ongoing backup process, and allows you easy monitoring.

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