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  • Resell value is your discretion
  • 100% branded to your company
  • Canadian data center
  • Low monthly price

Cloud Backup Done Right

Now you can offer a seamless cloud backup solution to your clients with a truly Canadian outlook. Know exactly when backups are successful with our verbose logging, meaning you never have to go onsite to check.

Security is very important to us – All your clients data is encrypted using 256 Bit AES Encryption in transfer and in storage. Our 100% Canadian Data Centre has multiple levels of physical security as well as access control and data replication to other sites in Canada. This ensures your clients data is backed up even from a Data Centre disaster.

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Generate recurring revenue.

The  prices are simple. We have no hidden fees and you only pay for what you need. By knowing your exact monthly costs, you can up-sell backup service to your clients and secure monthly recurring revenue.

Grow your brand.

The software is completely branded using your logo and contact information. We have taken great strides to ensure your users never see our name.

Easily manage all your clients.

Our web based user management portal provides you the ability to manage all aspects of the clients backups.

From the web portal you can:

  • Create and run jobs
  • Run restores
  • View logs
  • Set backup policies
  • Restart backup services

All data stays in Canada.

Canadian Cloud Backup is a 100% Canadian company. Your data is hosted in our Tier 1 data center located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Reliable and secure – Canadian Cloud Backup

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