public cloud security concerns

We have already covered the public vs. private cloud debate, but you may still not have been able to arrive at a definitive verdict (the cost of being completely unbiased). However, let’s not forget how we established that each has its own offering. While private is more secure, public is more cost-effective. That said, let’s not assume that public cloud is an utterly insecure and unsafe option. There are many ways in which public cloud can be made more secure, and that’s the topic of discussion this week.

While public cloud may not be innately secure enough, there are third-party tools that can help provide you peace of mind. Besides which we, as experts, always recommend the thorough reading of your service agreement in order to get a better understanding of the level of security the provider is offering and whether or not it meets your requirements and expectations.

Here are some tricks to ensure better security in public cloud.

Additional Authentication Layer

A good cloud service provider will also provide you with a good authentication service, yet it never hurts to go the extra mile and add an additional layer from a third-party security vendor. While the cost will still remain lower than private cloud, there is one major drawback: performance degradation – you might experience some network latency due to the additional layer. When choosing this option, you need to carefully measure the consequence of such delays. If it isn’t critical for your business, it’s not a bad bargain.

Choose Third-party Encryption

Many businesses are concerned that the service providers hold the encryption key as they are the ones providing the encryption as well. You have the freedom to choose your own encryption via third-party solutions, either with installable programs or vendor-provided SaaS. With the key solely known to you and the third party, you can sleep better.

Find a Reliable Vendor

This goes without saying, but let us remind you of one of the most important rules. Cloud service providers offer differing levels of security and it pays to find one with a better reputation and track record. There are, of course, many big players in the industry, but the best are the service providers who are willing and ready to customize their services and solution to best fit your needs.

The Hybrid Approach

This option offers the best of both worlds. For any organization, the level of security you need varies from application to application. Understanding this reality, cloud service providers have now taken a hybrid approach that allows you to keep the cost lower by providing public cloud for general applications but choosing private cloud for mission-critical applications containing sensitive data. A good service provider will always help you identify your needs properly and implement the hybrid approach in the most efficient manner.

Is the primary concern of your business cost or security?

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