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Ensure Compliance

Microsoft Office 365 is boasting new capabilities that allow businesses to gain unparalleled control of their privacy. This keeps companies ahead of the game when it comes to security threats. Find out how the recent 365 updates can patch potential vulnerabilities and provide peace of mind that your data is unquestionably safe.

Office 365 Advanced Message Encryption

This update puts admins in greater control of email settings.

  • Custom Templates

Custom templates permit increased customization of email templates, which enhances creativity. It also enables admins to set specific conditions for certain email flows. A flow that contains a distinctive keyword will have security requisites automatically applied to it.

This is an instrumental feature for off-site employees who may occasionally send sensitive information. Encryption should be standard for this type of data but isn’t always present. This feature certifies an amplified level of safety so if, for example, a social insurance number gets included in a message, that number is encrypted.

  • Expiration Dates

Another benefit of the Advanced Message Encryption update is the ability to set an expiration date for all custom emails. This limits the amount of time that third parties can view messages.

This is an important tool for all organizations that are required to operate in compliance with privacy laws and policies. A decreased timeframe in the availability of sensitive information also reduces the risk of cybercrime.

Data Investigation Capabilities

Microsoft’s data investigation capabilities will make it possible to immediately examine a security issue and find an appropriate solution. If a data leak occurs, an investigation can quickly detect affected users. This function works with you to diminish breaches by providing a reliable perspective on each incident.

The new updates to Office 365 also boast a compliance management tool and improvements to Multi-Geo, which ensures content remains within correct residency boundaries.

Security and compliance are at the forefront of business functionality. It appears that Microsoft is making all the right moves to facilitate resilient data protection.

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