According to Foundry’s ninth Cloud Computing Survey, IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are having difficulty implementing cloud strategies due to several challenges. These challenges include cost control, data privacy, and security costs.


Cloud computing budgets continue to rise, with companies planning to spend $78 million in the next 12 months, up from $73 million in 2020. In addition, 69% of businesses have increased their spending on cloud migration over the past year, and 63% of companies will have most or all of their IT infrastructure in the cloud within 18 months, up from 41% today.


Challenges of cloud adoption 


60% of ITDMs reported that their organization experienced sustainable growth over the past 12 months, 64% for enterprises and 58% for small and medium businesses. Nearly a third of all IT budgets will be devoted to cloud computing.

Controlling cloud costs, securing data and securing privacy are the top three challenges reported by ITDMs. They need the most from cloud providers: security expertise, better cloud management, and cost management capabilities. As another significant challenge, respondents noted the cost of moving data between clouds and into the cloud.

Another challenge revealed by the study was a lack of cloud management skills and difficulties finding staff members with these skills.


The concerns of cloud migration 


According to the study, 44% of companies that use more than one cloud provider don’t consider one of them a strategic partner, while 40% do. Strategic partners are more likely to be called by organizations with budgets over $10 million. More high-tech and retail companies say they have a strategic partnership with a cloud provider than healthcare and service organizations.


As cloud budgets increase, SaaS, PaaS, SECaaS, IaaS, and cloud analytics will be the top growth areas for 2022. Businesses want help implementing cloud strategies. Therefore, technology marketers must keep these needs in mind and stay on top of industry trends.


By planning carefully, companies can reduce the costs associated with cloud migration. An effective change management plan will allow the organization to manage the project efficiently and minimize disruptions. Incremental migrations are one method of managing investments. By using a batch migration system, the project can be broken down into smaller pieces, allowing greater flexibility.


In February 2022, Foundry conducted its 2022 Cloud Computing Survey. We surveyed 850 ITDMs during the cloud computing purchase process at companies that either have or are planning to use cloud computing for at least one application.

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