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The Major ‘Multi-Cloud’ Mistakes Businesses Make and How You Can Avoid Them!

‘Multi-cloud’ services have exploded in popularity. This approach disperses cloud apps across different service providers. This prevents organizations from being exclusively locked into one provider. Organizations are free to access the most up-to-date solutions and to fully customize their strategy without the fear of commitment.

This approach unshackles businesses from a vendor’s unpredicted cost escalations. Multi-cloud deployments allow for perfectly cherry-picked solutions rather than begrudging compromises that offer little benefits to anyone other than the vendor. Multiple cloud setups can help businesses rise above the competition and deliver premium service to their customers. Here’s what you need to know before jumping on board:


It is now very clear that cloud deployments are superior to physical infrastructure as they eliminate the hassle of maintenance and continuous upgrading. However, multi-cloud deployments are not without their own unique set of challenges. This concept has burst onto the scene rather suddenly and, in some cases, without significant consideration.

It can be a struggle to ensure that multiple cloud-based services are properly connected and working sufficiently. There are risks and costs involved when applications have to be implemented in different ways. Failure to effectively plan an approach such as this can result in a tangled web of unworkable technology.

Many IT departments are simply unprepared or unqualified to make this drastic modification a success. Hiring a skilled in-house expert can be so expensive that it is simply unfathomable for most enterprises. Without the right support, businesses can be left scrambling to figure out exactly where their data is being stored. They can risk a complete halt in productivity while they investigate issues of data compliance and troubleshoot problems with integration.

The Cost-Effective Solution for Multi-Cloud Deployments

Is leveraging a mix-and-match methodology completely out of the question for ordinary businesses? Not necessarily. A professional and knowledgeable partner can create a detailed map of how your multi-cloud system will function and can help ease the tribulations that often occur. Rather than trying to disentangle the intricacies alone, organizations can entrust all of their conundrums to a reliable partner. This streamlines integration and minimizes obstruction.

Staying ‘vendor neutral’ is not just the fad of the moment – it is the future! Businesses are no longer going to wait around for one vendor to meet all of their needs. We have steered away from pre-built, one-size-fits-all packages and into a world where the customer calls the shots. No matter what your multi-cloud structure will look like, it is essential to employ the services of a trusted partner like Canadian Cloud Backup to safeguard your system.

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