The Choice of Computer Should not Affect your Cloud Backup!

Historically, Windows has dominated the bulk of a Company’s workstations. Macs gained support in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with Advertising Agencies and Creative shops, who found Mac to be more suited to their business model. Mac’s acceptance continues to increase. While this may sound like a group of isolated individuals or businesses, this is far from the truth. Today’s Businesses recognise the importance of their staff being satisfied with their computer, because it simply increases productivity. Therefore, there is a growing industry trend to allow staff to ‘Choose Your Own computer’. The person gets an allowance from the Company and buys their own computer, set to their specifications. I suspect a lot of the interest in Mac has been generated by the dominance of the iPhone – motivating staff to want to use similar technology at work.  Moreover, investing in Mac is also a good business move as the return on investment (ROI) is better than PCs. The primary drivers of this are fewer targeted viruses, improved productivity and reduced help desk costs. Regardless of the reasons, Mac use in the business environment is on the rise. The Washington Post reported that Forrester Research predicted an 11% growth rate of Apple products in the workplace in 2015.

As it appears Mac’s will only grow in the business sector for the foreseeable future, I.T. Groups will be required to support both Mac and Windows. Equally important, your Cloud Backup Provider must be capable of seamlessly backing up and storing both file formats.  At Canadian Cloud Backup, we can simplify a backup system to allow you to easily and securely backup Mac, Windows and Linux based operating systems. The transition between Windows and Mac may be challenging for some Businesses, but not with Canadian Cloud Backup handling your data and disaster recovery plans.

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