SIRIS Platform

A fully featured platform for backup, recovery, and business continuity for local, virtual, and Cloud environments.

Backup, Restore, and Continuity

Get the 3 most important elements of data protection in a single fully integrated SIRIS package.

Network Attached Storage

Easily provision capacity on the SIRIS 3 appliance to serve as shared NAS file storage or as IP block storage with iSCSI.

Sync and Share

Access files on SIRIS 3 from anywhere using desktop or mobile clients and synchronize changes to keep files up to date, all while storing in their local infrastructure.

Easily Automate and Quickly Deliver

Users lose files by deleting them, overwriting them, or when hardware fails. With SIRIS, simply schedule regular backups for a device…

Hybrid Virtualization Options

If a business experiences a server failure, the protected systems can be virtualized instantly on the Datto device or in the secure Datto Cloud.

Image-Based Backup

Datto uses image-based backups to capture a complete picture of a protected workstation or server.

Instant Virtualization – Recover with a single click

SIRIS provides image based backups that can be Instantly Virtualized within the SIRIS device – or the secure Datto Cloud – with the click of a button.

First response after attack

When disaster strikes, you need to act fast! Get more than just one server back up and running; virtualize your entire Infrastructure with the click of a few buttons.

Advanced Screenshot Verification

Get a sense of security that a server has been properly constructed as a bootable image with a screenshot or take it to the next level with additional verification options.

Ransomware Detection and Alerting

Unique multi-stage detection finds lurking ransomware and sends alerts.

Point in time rollbacks

The only sure way to resolve a ransomware attack is to roll back the affected systems to make it as if it never happened. SIRIS, with point in time rollback, is designed to recover from just these scenarios.

Instant virtualization

In a disaster recovery scenario, seconds matter. Leveraging fully constructed “copy on write” snapshots, SIRIS can boot images in as little as 6 seconds.

New Source of Revenue

With SIRIS, a partner can be up and running with a new product offering in minutes.

Built For Quality

Datto SIRIS is designed and assembled in our build facilities by our highly trained team.

Comprehensive, Web-Based Management Portal

The central component responsible for handling the entire backup process is essentially a powerful server running an intuitive interface for managing all local SIRIS functionality.


Architecturally, SIRIS is an x64 Linux server.
Its enterprise-grade architecture is unique because:

It’s a Total Data Protection platform

designed from the ground up which translates into cost efficiency, performance, scalability and extensibility

Architecture enables new Datto innovations

additional groundbreaking features, and business-building platform expansion well into the future


A complex combination of standard and proprietary software integrated into a single Data Protection platform.

Ubuntu 16.04

The latest release of one of the most popular Linux variants on the market, providing enterprise class security, manageability, and performance in a small footprint.

Ubuntu is the basic operating system for all SIRIS products, and supports many standard packages that SIRIS uses as building blocks for the platform.

Physical Devices for data protection

High performance SIRIS 3 hardware appliances sized to your use case and built by us in our manufacturing facilities to exacting standards.

From stand-alone all flash devices to rack-mounted 4U chassis, simply plug in and start protecting infrastructure immediately.

Each device comes with:

Virtual appliances for cloud protection

In your private cloud or virtual environment, including support for running SIRIS as a guest in VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V

In addition, SIRIS is fully integrated with VMware ESX and Hyper-V, enabling Instant Virtualization in VMware instead of the native KVM hypervisor used in SIRIS hardware or imaged appliances.

SIRIS appliances on existing hardware

Repurpose backup and disaster recovery (BDR) appliances or other user-provided hardware into a fully functional SIRIS 3 device. Simply insert and boot the USB and follow the on-screen instructions to lay down the complete SIRIS 3 image and start protecting infrastructure immediately.

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