privacy laws store data in canadian datacentre

Data is the most imperative property stored on a computer. Geography plays a critical role in the security and protection of any data you store personally and professionally. Let’s explore the importance of storing your data in Canada.

Canadian Cloud Servers

A cloud server is much like a physical server in relation to the proficiencies and functions, implemented and operated, though a cloud server is a computing platform hosted over the internet. Individuals rent virtual space on a large storing processor for the data they own. Once data is stored virtually, government access is a possibility to be considered. Although, in Canada there are federal privacy laws set out to determine how organizations use or reveal personal information, therefore giving Canadian cloud servers the resources to secure and protect your data.

Federal Privacy Laws

Rest assured that if your data is stored on a cloud server that is owned by a Canadian organization there are securities that are regulated to protect you within the border. Keep in mind that there are datacentres located in Canada that are owned by US organizations. Simply because your virtual space is physically in Canada does not mean it is Canadian owned. Do your research to ensure the datecentre is in fact Canadian, and certifies and guarantees Privacy Act and PIPEDA Act compliance. The Privacy Act defends personal information of individuals and the PIPEDA Act standardizes the personal information that is housed by private sector organizations.

Business-Critical Applications

When you own and operate a business or organization in Canada, the federal laws apply to how you use and disclose personal information that has been collected from clients or customers. For instance, if you are managing client health records, you need to ensure confidentiality and integrity of this data. How will you manage the risks of potential corruption or damage? Utilizing backup solutions owned by a Canadian organization provides resources for complete protection and availability to your company only. A backup solution is the process of copying data to a protected system that is directly accessible by you.

Managing Potential Risks

There is a spectrum of potential risks when it comes to harnessing the safety of data. Viruses could corrupt your files, your server could face failure, or your computer system could be destroyed from physical damage. After the loss of data has occurred, it could be impossible to re-establish and reproduce your original data. Performing a regular basis backup to a Canadian cloud server verifies that your data is sure to be safe and always retrievable in any possible cases of loss.

Space and Running Costs

A cloud server is completely built and run on an online platform, in which case there is no purchase required of any hardware or software for setup and use. Individuals pay a small fee for the space they accumulate and the costs of performance. Once you are setup on a cloud server your data is automatically encrypted and transferred to a maximum security datacentre that gives you peace of mind of total protection. Keeping this data in Canada means you can avoid loopholes and differences in federal privacy practices.

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