The cloud can be a critical component of effective communication and collaboration. When remote teams use the correct file storage system, they can collaborate more easily, create documents, and protect sensitive data. On the other hand, the wrong solution can cause frustration and confusion for distributed teams. An effective file storage solution can boost productivity and collaboration in your remote team–so make sure you select the right one.


When choosing cloud-based file storage for remote teams, consider these six features;


Security :

It is important to consider a solution that offers customizable permission settings based on your organizational structure. Securing your company’s data and ensuring consistency can be done by restricting viewing and editing of specific documents.  


Ease of use: 

What makes a system easy to use on your team’s file storage needs. The ease of use of an online file-sharing system is another critical factor. Having the ability to access files via a web browser will save your team time on updates. Likewise, an intuitive interface and navigation will help you and your team stay organized.


Real-time sync: 

When working remotely, choose a solution that provides real-time synchronization so individuals can see their teammates’ changes as they are made. This type of group editing makes colleagues feel like they are in the same room together. 


Communication : 

Most file storage providers realize that their tools are used for more than simply saving documents. While real-time syncing aids in encouraging collaboration, the best-in-class solutions also include the means for communication. 


Automatic file versioning: 

Using automatic file versions helps us ensure quality with each iteration. Each version is timestamped, branded with the user’s name, and displays the changes made. We can quickly review or revert to a previous version if necessary.


Integration with other systems: 

The best cloud-based file storage solution has to align with your team’s needs, preferences, and workflows. By using these six requirements as a guide, you can ensure that you eliminate barriers from your team’s day and allow them to focus on what they do best.

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