Your remote team can benefit from a modern file storage solution to boost productivity and collaboration, so choose the right one for you! 

Cloud-based file storage can be an integral part of communication and collaboration. The correct file storage system allows remote teams to collaborate, create documents, and keep sensitive data secure. On the other hand, the wrong solution can cause frustration and confusion for distributed teams.

These six features in cloud-based file storage for remote teams when choosing the right solution for your business! 

Security :

Depending on your organization’s needs, you might also want a solution that allows you to customize permissions based on users’ roles. Your company can maintain clarity by limiting the viewing and editing of certain documents. 

Ease of use:

The use of familiar editing tools can save your employees a lot of time and energy that could be focused on your business. Users should be able to view and edit files without downloading them. Using a web browser to access files will save your team time every time they update. Make sure the user interface and navigation are intuitive. Ensure that labels are clear and icons are recognizable. 

Real-Time sync :

If your remote work collaboration requires real-time synchronization, select a solution that lets you track your teammates’ changes as they occur. With this type of group editing, colleagues and workplaces will feel as if they are in the same room. 

Communication :

Real-time sync will significantly facilitate collaboration, but best-in-class solutions also come with additional communication tools. In this function, users can comment on a document when it is not directly related to them and tag one another, and receive notifications when changes are made.

Automatic File Versioning :

Every update is recorded in an automatic file versioning system, ensuring quality with each update. Versions are timestamped, labeled with the user’s name, and display the changes made. We can quickly review or revert to a previous version if needed.

Integration Outlet :

A remote file storage system should have the ability to integrate with the other platforms where your team spends most of their working hours.

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