There’s no denying that cloud computing is one of the hottest commodities on the internet, and small businesses in Canada are increasingly becoming aware of its usefulness. However, the uptake of cloud solutions in small business is still relatively low in Canada. This reduces the chances of these small businesses to grow significantly and compete with the big organizations. But those businesses that have employed cloud computing have experienced incredible efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day operations. Let’s explore some of the potential problems and the benefits that small businesses can have from cloud services.

Problems Faced by Small Businesses

The priority of a business is to make sales, pay their suppliers and build contact, while maintaining a healthy profit margin. This is the main reason why small businesses find it hard to analyze the benefits of cloud computing because they cannot give it enough time. As a result, deciding on going for traditional IT systems of cloud computing is given less priority. This leads to small businesses stalling on their IT decisions, even though they are actually inflicting more costs in the process.

The nature of operations for a small business remain somewhat similar over the years, as they employ a small group of staff, work on less data and have fewer levels of management. As a result, many daily operations are managed quite easily without having to overly rely on technology, but then the costs are there. Cloud computing presents small businesses with several opportunities to reduce costs, benefit from the economies of scale, and significantly grow. Hence, small businesses that look for growth and data security will inevitably turn to cloud computing. Then why not start now?

Benefits of Cloud Computing to a Small Business

Cloud services help to keep all data, files, documents, and other important content on a virtual hard drive which can be accessed via the internet. Cloud computing, when incorporated in a small business, will grow with it, far more than an office based server will. Here are some benefits that a cloud service can provide.

Security – It adds a level of security as you can access those files even when there is a theft, when your IT systems get infected by viruses, or when Mother Nature strikes doom.

Upgrades – A cloud service will regularly get updated and more advanced as your business grows.

Storage – Cloud services can literally provide limitless data storage that can accommodate to your growing business.

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