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Are you Willing to Risk it All?

Every business, regardless of size, is seeking effective ways to reduce costs. One of the largest strains on revenue is network downtime. Despite the thousands of dollars, it depletes from budgets every year, it is often overlooked.

Downtime generates numerous problems that negatively impact daily procedures. Here are just a few examples of the destructive consequences of downed power lines, natural disasters and other forms of network failure. These incidences may be extremely short and yet be the catapult for catastrophe.

Order Loss

A few minutes of downtime can cause orders to be lost and invoicing processes to be disrupted. Time is money, and the errors occurring in these mere moments can lead to some very infuriated customers, employees and third party vendors.

Client Loss

Imagine a business is eagerly working towards a deadline for a major client when suddenly disaster strikes. Downtime congests productivity and leaves employees idle in the midst of an important project.

This is a nightmare for any business. It could mean the loss of esteemed contracts with essential clients. This risk not only costs money, but it puts a company’s reputation on the line.

Additional Labour Costs

Recovering from these incidences is no easy task. It takes additional work to resolve the issues that downtime creates. From correcting errors to connecting with customers, staff will have to be compensated for these strategic efforts.

There are ways to prevent outage duration from deeply impacting your business. Two of the most successful measures to implement are a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan. These solid elements teamed with a strong infrastructure partner make an excellent alliance. Dedicating time to routine maintenance, keeping infrastructure up-to-date and empowering staff to perform proper practices can also maximize uptime.

Datto Downtime Calculator

Want to find out a realistic number based on your company size and industry? Datto offers a cost calculator that shows what your company could potentially lose from a data loss or breach. Here is a link to the calculator tool.

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