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Growth Scalability

Being able to effectively manage the data your company generates is essential. In today’s marketplace data is king, and we are generating more data than ever before.

So where do you store this data? How do you ensure your systems in place are able to adapt and grow alongside it? At Canadian Cloud Backup, we are able to custom tailor your Data Storage solution so that it is exactly what you need. No need to worry about exaggerated plans that offer not enough or way too much, we have plans that grow alongside you so you’re always prepared.

With a Scalabale, Cloud Based Growth Plan, You are Now in Control

  • Reduced hardware maintenance costs
  • Reduced chance of data loss (Over 40% of business never recover)
  • Maximizing physical space at the facility by removing hardware needs
  • Always up-to-date, no more worrying about hardware upgrades.
  • Collaboration between on-site and off-site staff – Huge boost in Productivity!
  • Readiness of your data – At your fingertips, just need an internet connection

Expand with Your Projects

Stop worrying if your current storage option can accommodate upcoming projects. With Canadian Cloud Backup, we can have you up and running in no time.

Build in multiple languages (python, java) and integrate third-party API without worrying if you have sufficient space. Our scalable storage solutions allow you to heap additional space during development and then once complete scale-back to a more appropriate setup.

With Canadian Cloud Backup, you are in full control of your storage solution. If you have a large upcoming project or a new client that requires a high amount of data/processing power, our software allows you to create separate folders, user groups and allocate a proportional amount of space to each division. This ensures data integrity and ease of use for your team.

Data Security & Compliance

Canadian Cloud Backup is both HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.

Canadian Cloud Backup uses a three-tier encryption process. First, data is encrypted on the device using a military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption before ever being sent out. Once encrypted, data is sent over 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Once arriving at the cloud, it is then encrypted once again in 256-bit AES. Data is only ever created, received or transmitted when encrypted.

Canadian Cloud Backup’s Ultrasafe™ allows users with highly sensitive information to store their data securely such that no one, including Canadian Cloud Backup’s engineers, will be able to access their data.

Data Center & Transfer

Canadian Cloud Backup utilizes 100% Canadian Data Centers. We have also partnered with Peer1 to utilize a data center in Toronto. View information regarding our Data Centers. Furthermore, data during transit is never routed outside of the borders of Canada.

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Concerned about your company’s growth and if your current system is scalable? Will your current I.T. infrastructure be able to handle the influx of data?