Last year had a lot of gadget and app releases and was had been overall a whirlwind of impressive devices and game-changing technological innovations. The technology industry has rarely seen such a massive transformation and as the world becomes more mobile, great gadgets will keep being introduced into our lives.

So what were the releases that actually defined the robust technological progress that 2014 experienced? Let’s take a look.

Apple iPAD Air 2

Apple may have had strong competition in the Smartphone race, but the iPad Air 2 stands out as holding up the Apple Inc. crown. It is much slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, but the greatness of the Air 2 goes far beyond its weight. The newer screen technology makes it much less reflective and easier on the eyes. This has made it great for reading, watching movies and even editing. With the addition of the TouchID technology that allows unlocking with fingerprint recognition, the Air 2 saves a lot of time. Among all of the hi-tech devices that made their debut in 2014, the Air 2 certainly left its mark.


The BMW i8 definitely stands out as the powerhouse of environment-friendly 2014 cars. A definitive ‘sports hybrid’, the i8 has ruthless electric power which boasts an impressive top speed of 250km an hour, all while maintaining an environmental conscience. With a fuel efficiency of 2.1L per 100km, a 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, and intelligent energy management, the BMW i8 can travel 37km on an all-electric charge. There are still vehicles out there that are much ‘greener’ than the i8, but this BMW is a super car with impressive power, that can still draw a crowd with its futuristic style and aerodynamic shape.

SONY Cyber-Shot RX100 III

Smartphones began to outshine compact cameras like those in the Cyber-Shot series, but the RX100 III is a notable pocket camera that still managed to hold its own in 2014. The camera is not cheap, but it is manufactured from material of a much different quality than a phone. The RX100 III has a sturdy wide lens and a one-inch 20 megapixel sensor that is capable of handling low-light situations very easily. This is one compact camera that is much smaller than the growing Smartphones, all while packing a bigger punch.

Jawbone UP24

Fitness gadgets can hardly claim to be useful when you treat them like unworn running shoes under your bed, but that is exactly what the Jawbone UP24 was designed for. The device attempts to amplify your will power to be more active by gradually making you aware that you’re not pursuing fitness – all you have to do is put it on. Essentially, it displays your inactivity in the form of graphs, numbers and cold, hard truths on the screen of your phone. It also tries to motivate you towards achieving your daily objectives and is compatible with other workout apps. The Jawbone UP24 is an innovative invention that triggers your psychological drive to become healthier, promoting a longer and better life.

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