When you examine the structure of the digital age today, the future in technology appears to be very bright and full of brand new possibilities. 2014 witnessed things taking a swift turn, and right after we stepped into 2015, we saw a mass exodus of the online world to mobile. The state of technology is changing, and the speed at which it is developing seems to be at an all time high. Let us talk about some of the things that you will notice happening with the tech world this year.

The Health Industry Shake-Up

There is a huge list of fitness tech innovations coming up, designed to enhance the smart devices available for the fitness industry. Several fitness smart devices are scheduled for release this year for the emerging wearable industry, and almost all carry mind-blowing features. Motion sensors and heart rate monitors are merely two of the developments that these devices have gone through, but the next generation of wearable devices is all set to offer a whole lot more. The fitness technologies of 2015 will provide users with valuable insights and features that can make athletic training simpler; even your muscle mass and activity can now be comprehensively assessed. The biggest ones to watch out for are LEO, GYMWatch, and Sensoria.

Ambient Intelligence

With the arrival of Amazon Echo, the world has witnessed the potential of ambient intelligence. There will be a huge influx of products this year which will consciously pay attention to their surroundings. These devices can learn what people are doing around them, what they sound like, and what they may be interested in, and all this goes in service to making better conclusions for understanding the user’s needs and desires. 2015 will require all tech geeks to brace themselves for the richly ambient smart world that awaits us. Some example are; Microsoft Cortana, Google Now, and Amazon Echo.

The Age of Nano Particles

What would you say to find out that technology has come far enough to actually determine if your body is sick, way before you even start feeling the symptoms. Nano particles are the latest development, particularly designed to live and function inside the human body, and this new tech is opening up a wide range of medical advancement opportunities with extreme precision and accuracy. This technology, in combination with other diagnostic techniques, will help people substantially by monitoring their health, detecting disease instantly, and enabling faster treatment and recovery.

Edible Technology

State of the art technology has been pushing the norms lately, and 3D printing has recently started climbing up the food chain. The Focus 3D Printer is designed to print viscous materials such as food, and with diets dictated by received data, printed food may soon occupy your dinner tables and enable you to imitate farming advantages within your home. Your dinner options for the next family get together are boundless, and technology will help you get there.

As technology advancements keep changing the way we lead our lives and making our tasks easier, 2015 will be ‘The’ year that this new change establishes its foothold in the industry.

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