When many businesses think of disaster recovery, they consider fire, flooding, electrical failure and many other types of natural disasters.  However, Disaster Recovery Plans now must include ‘internal disasters’.  In late 2013, the first of the ‘Crypto-Viruses’ (Crypto-Locker) was introduced and (unsurprisingly) this has generated an increased level of anxiety among businesses. With an intricate way in which this virus targets the Windows operating system and critical files, it presents a very dangerous threat which can hurt the success of a business. Classified as ‘ransomware’, this virus targets critical files within your computer or server, and encrypts them beyond a feasibly recoverable state.  The perpetrators then request money for them to give you a key to decrypt your files.  Essentially, they are stealing your files and holding them for ‘ransom’.  This has become bigger than Crypto-Locker, because various Crypto-Viruses have spawned off of this initial design. These have all been created and implemented to attack your data in a similar way.  They all have one goal – force you to accept severe data loss, or pay the ransom (by the way, the ransom may not guarantee full restoration of your files).  That is the reality when dealing with thieves.

Canadian Cloud Backup is an ideal way to combat accidental virus installation and attacks of this type. By establishing a regular and automatic backup schedule, your business will be protected from such viruses. Although these Crypto-Viruses lock you out from various files, an offsite Canadian Cloud Backup service can easily restore any affected files to their original state (prior to the virus encryption). This circumvents the virus completely and protects your data from any potential loss, while also saving you a significant amount of lost time and money. Don’t risk your business critical data with viruses like the Crypto-Locker by establishing Canadian Cloud Backup in your business’s Disaster Recovery Plan.

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