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Criminal Investigation Agencies

Criminal Investigation and Law Enforcement agencies produce large amounts of sensitive data. Data that has the ability to change the course of peoples lives and serve justice for criminal acts or malfeasance.

Considering the importance of this data, methods for securely storing, sharing and retrieving it in case of system failure should be a paramount concern.

Contrary to popular belief, cloud storage is actually more secure than on-premises storage solutions, this is due to large providers, responsible for the cloud infrastructure, investing millions of dollars every year into upgrades, improvements, and certifications.

In-house I.T. professionals simply do not have the manpower, expertise or resources to provide protection on a similar level. These departments typically consist of 2 or 3 people who are too busy to focus on heightened security upgrades when most of their time is devoted to ensuring the network is functioning and addressing technical issues.

Canadian Cloud Backup specializes in providing Private Investigation firms and Police agencies custom backup solutions that are PIPEDA compliant. All servers are located within Canada ensuring your sensitive data never cross any borders and stays within Canada.

With a cloud-based solution, opportunities for growth and flexibility are everywhere:

  • Clearly defined I.T. budget
  • Reduced hardware maintenance
  • Reduced chance of data loss
  • Maximize physical space at the facility by removing physical hardware
  • Collaborate between multiple police agencies and investigative firms
  • Rapid availability of data – Securely
  • Automatic backups let you focus on what is important

Availability and Collaboration

With the increased use of smartphones and tablets the ability to share files securely is now a cornerstone of success. This is especially true for Police agencies and criminal investigation firms. Any data loss, breach, tampering or unauthorized access can instantly nullify an investigation, put peoples lives and justice at risk.

Canadian Cloud Backup also provides full access to all of your data over a website dashboard, giving you even more access to your backed up files.

Data Security and Compliance

Canadian Cloud Backup is both HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.

Canadian Cloud Backup uses a three-tier encryption process. First, data is encrypted on the device using a military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption before ever being sent out. Once encrypted, data is sent over 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Once arriving at the cloud, it is then encrypted once again in 256-bit AES. Data is only ever created, received or transmitted when encrypted.

Canadian Cloud Backup’s Ultrasafe™ allows users with highly sensitive information to store their data securely such that no one, including Canadian Cloud Backup’s engineers, will be able to access their data.

Data Center and Transfer

Canadian Cloud Backup utilizes 100% Canadian data centers. We have also partnered with Peer1 to utilize a data center in Toronto. View information regarding our data centers. Furthermore, data during transit is never routed outside of the borders of Canada.


Canadian Cloud Backup (being HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant), can also be used to store sensitive records (witness statements, video footage, evidence, etc.) offsite to reduce the possibility of irreplaceable documents being permanently lost. Should a disaster strike, you can restore all of your data quick and easy and get back to what’s important.

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Canadian Cloud Backup can help secure sensitive Data produced by investigations and criminal proceedings.