As our awareness goes through its own evolution, we can discover the greater hidden aspects of our identities. While consciousness functions on multiple levels: the dream state, the ever-observer mind, sub-consciousness, waking consciousness, and spiritual and meditative states; it remains dynamic and evolving throughout a person’s life.

The technological advances this world has been able to take are a reflection of mankind’s inner universe and how we use technology is very similar to how our minds actually interact with nature, collects sensory data, stores data and becomes adapted to its surroundings. Nature has been studied and imitated by humans to better understand the methods of the natural world, and the future of our species has become heavily tied to our own inventive progress. It could be safe to say that the human race, now, completely relies upon technology for the most mundane of tasks.

When compared to an operating system (OS), the human mind exhibits a lot of similarities and OSs are the key technology that is driving the evolution of the human consciousness, enabling communication at unimaginable speeds. By saying that technology ‘imitates’ the human mind, we mean that the procedures of collecting data are somewhat similar and in sync, so that humans may relate to technology. This is probably the biggest achievement of this century.

Consciousness – The Operating System of the Human Mind

An operating system is loaded to a computer so that it can command hardware, and consciousness is the curriculum that sets the parameters and boundaries of human behavior and thought formations, to instruct and guide us on how to be ourselves. An operating system is loaded with other programs that expand the functionality of the device, and likewise, anything we absorb consciously or subconsciously adds to the level of awareness in our minds.

The default capacity of an infant’s mind is very limited, and as humans grow older, they acquire information which is later inculcated into their behaviors. This is similar to how we install an application to our operating systems to add functions. All the education and knowledge we accumulate throughout our lives becomes amalgamated to create our awareness and understanding of how the world works. We selectively add and subtract knowledge from our experiences and enhancing the positive aspects of the programs can make human minds quite resilient to human suffering.

An operating system keeps becoming more intricate as it accumulates more and more similar traits to the human mind and how it functions; essentially, that was the objective for it. Rewind back to when the first operating system was created and the brightest minds on the planet were wide-eyed with surprise on the tendency of this system. Fast forward to the 21st century and we have a resonating market and an ever-growing industry that solely focuses on operating systems and how they can be even further developed.

The Ability of Today’s Technology to Hack Your Consciousness

Consciousness can easily be manipulated for benefits or detriments. The way we consume information from the outside world influences our belief systems and all human consciousness. While higher consciousness is highly achievable, we have external distractions and influences that limit its possibility, or ‘hack’ the way our minds are assessing data.

The human mind is very easy to manipulate for someone who understands its functioning. Our most basic senses are studied to identify common triggers, and theories are later devised so that data can be presented in a way that tricks our thinking or creates the illusion of an idea which might not necessarily exist. But what we must always remember is that without knowing what exactly is programming and influencing our consciousness, we are left with no control over the impulses that are generated. This can potentially lead to a downfall or rise of fleeting depths or heights respectively. While humans can keep on developing technology, they must also keep in mind that once technology exceeds the capacity of the human brain, it starts to control us more than we control it.


The fact that all the technological advancements work to make things ‘easier’ for us is fueling a social demise that may be hard to recover from. The latest and even the most advanced technology being produced today like transparent solar cells or heart monitors in smart watches have many benefits that they can provide to the industry and make life easier and more sustainable for any individual. Technology is meant to embrace as advancement and use for your personal benefit, and the minute it starts to have more control over you than you possess over it, is the minute that technology has failed to fulfill its purpose.

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