The Virtual Cloud Explained

What exactly is CLOUD STORAGE?

Cloud Storage is a series of servers (Both physical and/or virtual) that are located off-site at a secure location. A link is established via internet connection and files are uploaded and stored there electronically. Cheaper options such as Google Drive or DropBox offer no security whatsoever and often change file formats, making it difficult when it comes time to download/use said files. Or your Cloud Storage solution can have robust 256-Bit AES Military-Level encryption which is what we offer at Canadian Cloud Backup. This attention to detail and security make us PIPEDA & HIPAA compliant, able to services any industry regardless of how sensitive the information is.

You can store just a few pictures that have sentimental value. Or you can backup your entire business network with multiple locations including documents, assets, customer information, emails, and even operating systems and preferences.

There are many benefits of Migrating to the Cloud, they include:

Free Up Space

With office space at a premium, freeing up the needed physical space and power needed to operate servers in-house can be a huge boost for productivity.


Pricing for Cloud Storage has come down substantially over the last 5 years making it a much more affordable solution, especially for company’s that require much larger amounts of storage space.

It especially valuable for companies in the Medical, Criminal, Educational and Financial industries that deal with sensitive customer data which has Federal laws regulating the treatment and storage of said information (PIPEDA).


Syncing is a huge benefit. As long as your employees are connected to the internet via laptop or mobile device – anywhere in the world, they can access all of their files. This makes edits and collaborations with team members on the go much more effective and productivity increases.

Backup & Restore

Backups. The best defense against losing your entire system due to System Crashes, RansomWare, MalWare, Natural Disaster, Fire & Flood Damage, and Human Error is routine system backups to the cloud. This allows you to instantly restore your system – everything down to the emails you received that morning can be restored back to working order, quickly.

Where IS The Cloud?

Well, not taking up space in your offices! We have multiple data centers to provide an ultimate level of redundancy, allowing you to rest easy knowing in case of a worst-case scenario, you will always be able to access and recover your data.

Take a look at more information about our datacentres.

Although you may not have heard much about cloud storage up until the last few years, the history of cloud computing dates back as far as the 1950’s but the physical limitations of bandwidth and processing speeds prevented it from becoming mainstream.

Now that bandwidth has increased substantially and computers are smaller and more powerful, cloud computing is drastically taking off; and according to the Bloomberg report, is estimated to be a $270 billion dollar market in the year 2020.

Take a look at some of the features our server backup solutions can offer.

So why should my company use the Cloud?

All hardware eventually fails, becomes obsolete, or needs to be replaced. Usable office space is limited and the cost of physical hardware such as servers can become expensive and require constant improvements. The man-hours required to ensure these functions can also become a waste, pulling your I.T. department from tasks and assignments that could improve your company’s workflow and network, instead, they are constantly fixing the server and addressing issues with legacy software and software compatibility issues.

Utilizing a cloud backup solution, you can eliminate the need for extra man-hours and costly equipment replacements, address all security concerns, and increase productivity by allowing off-site, secure access to all files on your network. This makes collaboration on documents extremely easy and eliminates duplication issues.

Rest easy knowing your data is secure with Canadian Cloud Backup in our state-of-the-art Data Centers – all 100% in Canada.