Cloud Explained

“So, what exactly is the cloud? Why should I take advantage of this technology-buzzword?”

Chances are, you’re already using the cloud without even knowing it. If you’re storing data online in a service such as Dropbox, or even using social media, you’re using the cloud as well.

What it isn’t, is expensive hardware and IT teams you have to invest more money in! Hardware fails and needs to be replaced and IT staff could be better positioned elsewhere in your growing company. Utilizing a cloud backup solution, you can eliminate the need for extra man-hours and costly equipment replacements, while resting easy knowing your data is secure in our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

…But back to what the cloud is.

Essentially, a cloud is a network of servers responsible for different tasks. In our case, backing up your own and your clients’ irreplaceable data securely and effectively in 100% Canadian data centers, while never routing the data outside of Canadian borders.

Where is the cloud though?

Well, not taking up space in your offices! We have multiple data centers to provide an ultimate level of redundancy, allowing you to rest easy knowing in case of a worst-case scenario, you will always be able to access and recover your data.

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Although you may not have heard much about the cloud up until the last few years, the history of cloud computing dates back as far as the 1950’s.

Now that bandwidth isn’t as big of an issue, and computers are much smaller yet more powerful than back then, cloud computing is drastically taking off; and according to the Bloomberg report, is estimated to be a $270 billion dollar market in the year 2020.

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