Cloud computing has the potential to form the basis of business, and start-ups to be specific. We are in a digital age where no matter what the size of a business, it cannot survive without having an online footprint. Cloud computing has a cost effective potential for start-ups as no significant investments are required for having a cloud service. The whole concept of having a remote infrastructure became prominent in 2008, while today it has become a convenient source of increasing productivity.

Convenient and Flexible

Remember when designing and launching an infrastructure was a timely task with overhead costs that took months to recover? Well if you are using a cloud computing service for your start-up, you may not remember that at all. The same infrastructure can be built online in less than a minute today.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud is the ideal solution for small businesses and start-ups that develop apps and websites for clients. It allows you to access applications without making investments on servers of licenses. The one click application provides a business with leverage to have all the apps read and pre-configured. This saves considerable amount of time when the server goes online.

The flexibility of cloud services allows businesses to resize their infrastructure to avoid downtime. Cloud servers provide hourly billing that enables start-ups to create, destroy as well as re-create servers with minimal costs.

Cost Effective

Cloud computing services can eliminate and/or reduce the following costs for start-up businesses:

  • Infrastructure costs
  • Training costs
  • License fees
  • Hosting costs
  • Redundancy costs (cheaper backups)

Cloud Utility

Cloud hosting servers provide large storage capacity in the form of documents, photos, spreadsheets, videos, data, etc. This utility also allows the stored data to be shared with anyone in the business that can access the files. This also helps in saving investment on memory and backing up data.

It comes as little surprise that technology helps lower costs and increase productivity. Start-ups in Canada have been incorporating cloud computing in their business plan as it provides a ‘one-step ahead’ advantage over competitors. The ability of cloud servers to automatically update with no licensing issues makes it a viable solution for aspiring businesses. The fact that it reduces dependency on IT staff also helps to flow more revenue in the business. Cloud computing is potentially the future of businesses, and it’s better to integrate the service in your business structure now rather than later when the costs plummet.

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