Over the past few decades, the saving and sharing of files has undergone a drastic evolution. The devices today that are used for sharing have become more mobile, smaller, and have much higher capacities compared to their predecessors. Now, there is no need for you to save all your data in a single place because you can access those files from almost anywhere from any device; all thanks to Cloud Computing.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The word “cloud” has been used as a metaphor of the internet for a long time, and it only explains that as an entire virtual space that can connect users from all over the world, the internet basically resembles a cloud that shares information through satellite networks.

How It Works

Cloud computing basically refers to the sharing of software, resources and data via a network, which in this case, is the internet itself. The data is then stored on physical servers that are maintained and controlled by the cloud computing supplier. Users can access their stored data on the cloud whenever they are connected to the internet and by using the facility of cloud storage; you no longer need to store data on your personal hard drive. Instead of that, you can easily access all data from any place and download it to any device. Additionally, you can edit your stored files concurrently with other users so that it becomes much easier to collaborate from a distance.

There are a number of different kinds of cloud computing services to suit varying needs. While some may cater to separate and individual users who need storage space for photographs, videos and documents, others are formulated for organizations that require an expansive platform to develop their IT applications. Depending on your needs, the rates and expenditure of your cloud devices and services may vary.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Global Access

The service of cloud computing can effectively increase the mobility of your sensitive data, as you can access the files from practically any device, in any region of the world. Businesses use this facility to enable their employees to work from home or on trips without the need of transporting files. This enables a much faster exchange of information and helps in increasing productivity. Multiple employees can work on the same data or files from separate locations, without any physical or personal contact.

Additional Storage

Memory available for storage has always been very limited, depending on the devices in question. The facility of cloud computing gives you the benefit of added storage capacity, so that you don’t have to carry USB drives around or worry about limited space for documents on your hard drive.


These services can be set up in a matter of minutes; adjusted to your specific settings such as a password or the selected devices that you need connected to the network. Once a connection is established, which hardly takes minutes; you can start using the services and resources allotted to you by the cloud computing providers.

Timely updates

The providers of your service are completely responsible for the updates of your system, and making sure that you can access the updates. This simply saves the time your staff will invest in finding the right update to download and increases productivity. The updates are relatively simple to install and your service providers will offer you support in notifying and instructing users on how the update will be accumulated and implemented.

Reduced Expenditures

Often, the service of cloud computing is highly inexpensive. The software is installed online so there is no need for individual users to install it separately. A number of cloud computing applications are available for use completely free of cost, like the facility of DropBox. When paying for a cloud computing service your payments are required on a monthly/yearly basis. You can opt for a plan that does not have a contract so that it becomes easier to terminate a service at any given time and pay only for the facilities you need.

Currently, cloud computing is a relatively new advance on technology, and the advantages of the service are expected to become even more affordable in a few years. Any small to large business venture can streamline all its functions with the help of this service and increase their revenues and productivity.

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