There is an ongoing global concern regarding where to back up important files. The ambiguity regarding a Government’s ability to ‘examine’ online files hosted in a country (regardless of country of origin) varies considerably. Fortunately, Canada has embraced the security of private data storage. This means Canadian Companies holding their backup data within Canada are safe from Government review (without a warrant). This makes Canadian Cloud Backup an outstanding solution for Canadian backup needs.

Many cloud backup competitors maintain your confidential and important data in other countries such as the U.S.A, U.K., European Union, or Asia (which may make your data subject to their examination and review). Other companies who offer ‘Canadian-specific’ data centers are still legally bound and subject to their own company’s country of origin laws. Therefore, a U.S company offering Canadian-specific storage is still subject to U.S jurisdictions and laws. However, with Canadian Cloud Backup, you know your data will always be stored and maintained inside Canadian borders and its jurisdiction. This provides a level of assurance that you can only find at Canadian Cloud Backup.

Canadian Cloud Backup offers state-of–the-art security (256 bit encryption), unique flexibility to grow as your business grows, superior service, and a price that will delight you. All this is provided within the safety of Canada’s borders. Isn’t it time to embrace Canada Cloud Backup’s technical superiority and Canada’s political protection?

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