Canadian Cloud Backup

Robust Cloud & Local Backup Software

Robust Cloud & Local Backup Software

Canadian Cloud Backup Suite (CCBS) is an advanced client-server based on-premises and cloud backup software solution for Businesses and MSPs. The whole solution can be deployed within a company to back up all virtual machines, servers, desktops and laptops. MSPs can also use it for offering secure managed backup service to their clients.

Canadian Cloud Standard

Canadian Cloud Standard is an easy to use client agent for backing up PCs and Macs.

It is equipped with modules for backing up File, Lotus Notes, and Windows System.

Data can be backed up to Canadian Cloud Standard storage, local / mapped network storage (e.g. USB drive, NAS, and file server), FTP / SFTP server, and cloud storage.

Canadian Cloud Professional

Canadian Cloud Professional is a comprehensive client agent for backing up servers, databases and virtual machines.

Various add-on modules can be used in conjunction with Canadian Cloud Professional for backing up VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL Database, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Windows System, Windows System State (Active Directory), Office 365 Exchange Mailbox and File.

Data can be backed up to Canadian Clouds Backup Suite storage, local / mapped network storage (e.g. USB drive, NAS, and file server), FTP / SFTP server, and cloud storage.

Various Dedicated Backup Modules
Dedicated backup modules can be used in conjunction with them to let you back up VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL Databases, Lotus Domino / Notes, Windows System, System State and Office 365 Exchange Mailbox professionally.
Instantly Spin-up VM from Backup
With our new VM Run Direct feature, backed up VMware and Hyper-V VM can be run directly from backup within minutes. You can also choose to play and migrate the VM simultaneously.
Super Secure Encryption
Both CanadianCloudOBM and CanadianCLoudACB can generate a truly randomized 256-bit full length AES encryption key to encrypt the backup data by default. Such encryption is simply unbreakable by any super computer.
High Speed
They are the fastest backup applications equipped with all speed optimizing technologies, such as multi-threading, In-File Delta, fast indexing, small files optimization, etc. Speed hungry customers will definitely love them.
Restorability Guaranteed
No one wants to experience trouble during restore. Therefore, you need a backup solution that can guarantee the restorability of your backed up data. With the built-in CRC data integrity checking, verification and rectification, your backup data are 100% restorable.
Unlimited Trial Accounts
CCBS supports the auto-creation of unlimited backup trial accounts for MSPs to entice potential customers. Most importantly, these trial accounts will NOT be charged for license usage by us! So you don't need to buy any license for offering trial.
Real Time Status Monitoring
Real time status of the system, current backup and restore jobs, errors and warnings, etc. are available at a glance for administrator to monitor the health of the backup system and troubleshoot quickly when needed.
Simple User Management
Managing backup users is simply a breeze. New users can be created automatically with our Windows AD integration. Bulk accounts can be created with our special tool. Customized policies can be applied to different group of users through Group Policy Management.
Reseller Management
If you're an MSP, the built-in Reseller Account Management tool can allow you to recruit unlimited resellers to resell your backup service. Each reseller can have their own branded client agents and backup URL.
Professional Backup Consultation Service

Our customer support team can assist you in reviewing your current IT infrastructure, identifying your critical data and understanding your backup requirements before your purchase. We will propose a backup approach and system architecture that fits your situation.

On-Site Software Installation and Configuration

Our technical professionals can help you install and configure the software on-site, so that you can start backing up your data quickly without the need to go through the technical installation manual.

First Time Seed Backup

If you need to backup or replicate a large amount of data to your backup or replication server located off-site, the first time backup or replication through the Internet may consume a long time. This service can effectively minimize your data transferring time.

On-site System Restore and Application Recovery

In case you don't have the expertise in restoring a crashed operating system and the applications within, you can simply leave the work to us. Our engineers can help you restore the crashed system and its applications quickly.

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