Acronis Cyber Cloud 8 update

CyberCloud 8.0

Acronis Data Cloud has recently experienced a complete rebuild. Known as CyberCloud 8.0, the modernized platform maintains its reputation for enhanced security along with inventive new design.

What’s New?

Acronis CyberCloud 8.0 has an extensive array of fresh, new features. The list is so long that we can merely scratch the surface of what 8.0 has in store for users. Here are some of the key elements that resonate the most with our experts.

Backup and Recovery

CyberCloud 8.0 possesses a powerful configuration that allows users to set up a specific backup schedule that backs their workflow. Users can also designate 5 separate replication locations for their data. Each location can have its own set of retention rules that are defined and controlled by the user.

Planning backups has become simplified with the new Plans tab. At a glance, users can see the specifications of each plan that they have formed. Each plan can be edited or deleted as needed.

Acronis has helped improve communication, clarity and overall speed when dealing with technical support. CyberCloud 8.0 allows recovery tasks to be saved on a local disk or a network share. Issues can be diagnosed and resolved faster when the support team is given a clear picture of what is malfunctioning. This makes everyone’s job a little easier!

Disaster Recovery Service

The Disaster Recovery Service has been vastly improved to promote greater security, functionality, and connectivity.

The new Credential Score feature easily allows secure password management for encrypted server backups. Each recovery control has been organized into one convenient location. The remodeled cloud server management UI has been arranged more intuitively for improved access to server status tracking information.

Acronis has even revamped common error messages for greater comprehension. High-detail descriptions help to prompt effective action, rather than simply stating that an error has occurred. Users are now armed with better insight and expanded expertise.

The robust backup and recovery service is available across all three CyberCloud editions – The Standard Edition, Advanced Edition, and Disaster Recovery Edition. The Advanced and DR editions provide support for large-scale infrastructures. For smaller firms, the Standard Edition provides all the functionality necessary to successfully conduct daily operations.

Acronis CyberCloud 8.0 is a complete game-changer. What can it do for your business? Contact our experts to find out!

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