93% of businesses will migrate to cloud solutions or hybridize cloud and on-premise solutions in the next five years. Hornetsecurity conducted a hybrid cloud adoption survey of more than 900 IT professionals in Europe, North America, and Europe.


Over half of respondents (51%) expect to be primarily cloud-based in five years, with one or two workloads still on-premise. Almost a third (28%) of respondents said they would mostly stay on-premise, with one or two workloads in the cloud. While 29% of respondents said they are using hybrid cloud solutions to move to the cloud, 67% of respondents see hybrid cloud as their final destination due to workloads that must remain on-premise. The rest claim to stay 100% on the premise.


In addition to trust issues with the public cloud, the hybrid cloud adoption survey found that companies of all sizes reported concerns about public cloud adoption. Regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CMMC were also cited as obstacles to cloud adoption by 29% of respondents.


A lack of ‘technical know-how or certified staff’ makes companies hold back from complete cloud migration (48%), difficulties with ‘application of best practices within the company’ (33%), connectivity issues (33%), and security issues (29%). 


A majority of IT departments could not move all services to the cloud due to print and imaging services (55%). 50%, 45%, and 43% of respondents cite databases, file storage, and application services, respectively, for remaining partially on-premise.


In 5 years, 47% of respondents who work for internal IT departments expect their workloads to predominantly be in the cloud, compared with 52% of those whose company uses MSP services and 54% of those who work for MSPs. Cloud service users report a lack of trust in cloud services at almost the same rate as those using MSP services, with 34% and 33%, respectively.

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