Canadian Cloud-Based Solutions

Businesses both large and small are applying an innovative mix of cloud-based solutions to their everyday infrastructure. This technology continues to outperform traditional systems and provide unrivaled security advantages. Here are the top three reasons why your data belongs on the cloud!

Unparalleled Physical and Digital Security

Cloud-based solutions deliver enhanced physical and digital security that is unmatched by traditional systems. This is an affordable way for smaller enterprises to attain a higher level of protection.

All businesses run the risk of incurring devastating losses from fires, floods to break-ins and cyber attacks. However, small-scale businesses lack the resources to strongly safeguard themselves. When disaster strikes, cloud-based storage is the only capable solution.

Studies have shown that small to mid-size businesses are the most vulnerable targets for devious hackers. This is because their safety measures are not up to par. A good username and complex password are no longer enough to protect your information. With a cloud-based solution, multi-factor identification bolsters security by demanding three unique qualities (including fingerprint authentication) in order to recognize users.

Comprehensive Monitoring 

Proactive monitoring increases data security by employing efficient ‘patch’ management. Essentially, a patch is a code change that repairs system weak spots in order to maintain fortification.

Deploying patches correctly is a difficult task that can be strenuous for small businesses to attempt alone. A managed IT provider can certify that your data doesn’t succumb to the threat of software vulnerabilities.

Fewer Human Errors

How many times have you misplaced your cell phone? This common incident happens to all of us. However, if an employee loses a device that contains sensitive information, it could result in a major data breach.

Cloud technology removes the need for many human tasks. This effectively reduces the chance of error. A managed provider works with staff to ensure everyone is confident and proficient in the implemented set-up.

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